Get SEC filings for Apple Inc (AAPL), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q). by reference into Part III of this Annual Report on Form K where indicated. Item 7 of this Form K under the heading “Management’s Discussion and. Annual Report and Form 10K Ticker: AAPL; Exchange: NASDAQ (See More NASDAQ Companies); Industry: Personal Computers (See More Personal.

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Because the Company uses foreign currency instruments for hedging purposes, the loss in fair value incurred on those instruments are generally offset by increases in the fair value of the underlying exposures. The Company aalp obtains individual components for its products from a wide variety of individual suppliers.

Revenue allocated to such rights is deferred and recognized on a straight-line basis over the estimated period the rights are expected to be provided for each device, which ranges from two to four years. During andthe Company completed various business acquisitions.

Apple Inc (AAPL) 10K Annual Reports & 10Q SEC Filings | Last10K

Dividends and dividend equivalent rights declared. The foregoing statement regarding the Services net sales in Historically, consolidation in this market has resulted in larger competitors. Accrued warranty and related costs. The Company performs its goodwill and intangible asset azpl tests in the fourth quarter of each year. This year-over-year increase in gross margin was largely driven by lower commodity and other product costs, a higher mix of iPhone sales, and improved leverage on fixed costs from higher net sales.

The BSM option-pricing model incorporates various aap including expected volatility, estimated expected life and interest rates. The Company uses some custom components that are not common to the rest of these industries.

The net gain or loss on the effective portion of a derivative instrument that is designated as an economic hedge of the foreign currency translation exposure of the net investment in a foreign operation is reported in the same manner as a foreign currency translation adjustment.


Payments Due in Less Than 1 Year. The Company records a tax provision for the anticipated tax consequences of the reported results of operations. Growth in the iTunes Store, which includes the App Store, the Mac App Store and the iBooks Store, reflects continued growth in the installed base of iOS devices, expanded offerings of iOS apps and related in-App purchases, and expanded offerings of iTunes digital content.

Apple Inc(AAPL) Annual Report (10K) Quarterly Report (10Q)

Total deferred tax assets. In major states and major foreign jurisdictions, the years subsequent to andrespectively, generally remain open and could be subject to examination by the taxing authorities.

The preparation of financial statements and related disclosures in conformity with U. The Company applies fair value accounting for all financial assets and liabilities and non-financial assets and liabilities that are recognized or disclosed at fair value in the financial statements on a recurring basis.

Table of Contents Product Performance.

The growth in aall sales during was primarily driven by increased demand for iPhone following the launches of iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, strong demand for the third generation iPad and iPad 2, and higher sales from the iTunes Store.

However, the outcome of tax audits cannot be predicted with certainty. Consistent with industry practice, components are normally aapp through a combination of purchase orders, supplier contracts, and open orders, in each case based on projected demand. The Company classifies gross interest sapl penalties and unrecognized tax benefits that are not expected to result in payment or receipt of cash within one year as non-current liabilities in the Consolidated Balance Sheets. The Company presents its derivative assets and derivative liabilities at their gross fair values.

The Company hedges a portion of its forecasted foreign currency exposure associated with revenue and inventory purchases, typically for up to 12 months. Total deferred tax liabilities. To ensure a high-quality buying experience for its products in which service and education are emphasized, the Company continues to expand and improve its distribution apal by expanding the number of its own retail stores worldwide.

The Company is exposed to credit risk 10m fluctuations in the market values of its investment portfolio. Selling, general and administrative.


Net deferred tax liabilities. Long-term obligations exclude non-current deferred revenue. Based on the composition of The basic warranty period is typically one year from the date of purchase by the original end-user. For options designated as cash flow hedges, changes in the time value are excluded from the assessment of hedge effectiveness and are recognized in income.

This view is primarily based on the fact that unspecified software upgrade rights do not obligate the Company to provide upgrades at a particular time or at all, and do not specify to customers which upgrades or features will be delivered.

The third deliverable is the non-software services to be provided to qualifying versions of iOS devices and Mac. Liquidity and Capital Resources The Greater China The following table Management believes the Company?

The Company uses derivative instruments, such as foreign currency forward and option contracts, to hedge certain exposures to fluctuations in foreign currency exchange 10o. In accordance with the fair value accounting requirements, companies may choose to measure eligible financial instruments and certain other items at fair value.

The Company distributes its products through cellular network carriers, wholesalers, national and regional retailers, and value-added resellers, many of whom distribute products from competing manufacturers.

Apple Inc.

This includes press releases and other information about financial performance, reports filed or furnished with the SEC, information on corporate governance and details related to its annual meeting of shareholders.

Indefinite lived and non-amortizable trademarks. The Company faces substantial competition in these markets from companies that have significant technical, marketing, distribution and other resources, as well as established hardware, software and digital content supplier relationships; and the Company has a minority market share in the smartphone market.