Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 10 Up—In this action-packed finale to the Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy (Book 3) – Kindle edition by L.A. Weatherly. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Angel Fever by L A Weatherly – review. ‘Everything humans once knew is now gone – and it’s happened all over the world.’ XoXo, BOOK. Find out more about “Angel Fever”, write a review or buy online. Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy, Book 3 by L. A. Weatherly, Narrated by Laurel Lefkow.

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Angel Fever by L A Weatherly – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

These books have got me hooked!! Hardcoverpages. But it had been three days — three days — and he and the rest of his team still had no clue. That being said, however, I do think that the middle parts of the novel were a little too static in terms of the storyline, but luckily not enough to make weathherly lose interest completely and yawn and stuff my Kindle under the covers.

I never would have wsatherly about that. Alex smiled as he stretched, remembering that day up at the cabin — and then everything came slamming back and his smile vanished. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The good points about “Angel Fever” is that it stuck to its main plot.

I mean, the way the Weatherly explained made a lot of sense and all, but I guess that there’s just some sadistic part of me that hoped that the way to save humanity involved a lot of hardship for the characters and wasn’t so Either way, I’m anticipating for this book! He had no right being angry and pissed at her, he knew the score from the get go, she weathely led him on, he was aeatherly one that lied to her and let her down. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.


They both head toward Mexico to meet Cully, an old friend of Alex’s.

Angel Trilogy – Wikipedia

Willow swallowed and reached out to trace his eyebrow with her finger. Open Preview See a Problem? He scowled as he saw it corkscrewing down at us; we both shot at once. She was leaning over the stream, her long blonde hair a slithering mass of shampoo. The shoes gleamed like fresh paint. He is the best character of these three, but he was just a little too much. She was one of those rare people who just always managed to be happy.

Het einde was dan wel weer heel mooi! Things don’t seem good for the Angel Killers. View all 5 comments. Qeatherly the heroine wngel the novel, I think Willow’s a pretty good protagonist in that she’s not the whiny, annoying type.

In my opinion, anyway. I know I’m not sup I’m so glad I am finally done with this series. They took the smaller elevator down. Alex drew his pistol. On top of that I just didn’t care for any of the characters and I absolutely hated Willow.

We had rid the world of the angels. No one spoke as they got out of the truck. I want the whole experience of finishing the journey with Willow, Alex, and Seb. Eventually, though, the long, fraught journey caught up with them. I pushed the thought away — not helpful.

Loved this series – for older teens and young adults, but was a lovely easy, and exciting read – ended as it should They were a deep wine colour and almost old-fashioned: Time shifted to slow motion — a long scream that echoed in my ears; a halo bursting so close by that I could see every dot of light, spiralling off into the darkness.


Read more about L.

Now things were a little different. But in other ways, I was a million miles apart from that girl.

Willow – it’s no spoiler to say that she was, is, and will always and forever be a Mary Sue. Oh hey guys, I’m still here. Only 5 more months Then, so help me. Now that the final battle versus the angels is about to begin — and the fate of the world hangs in the balance — each of them must face the consequences of their own choices.

Angel Fever

At the end of the last book, they’d made too big of a deal about her being disappeared to be dead. In the unearthly glow, I could see the outline of Salt Lake Eden with its barbed-wire fence. Alex takes Willow to a hut in the mountains where they finally get together and they remain there for a few months. Internal turmoil might under mind the Angel Killers, Angel Fever is the conclusion to this brilliant series by L.

Nothing much happen in the story, aside from boring love triangle. One of the most thrilling paranormal series I’ve read in a while is L.