For my summer course, “The Patristic and Medieval Interpretation of the Psalter”, we read Athanasius’ Letter to Marcellinus. Marcellinus is. Athanasius (c. ) Bishop of Alexandria, spiritual master and theologian, was a major figure of 4th-century Christendom. Letter to Marcellinus on the Psalms: Spiritual Wisdom for Today – Kindle edition by Athanasius of Alexandria, Joel C. Elowsky. Download it once and read it on.

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In the first case, even if Protestantism is in as bad a athamasius as you seem to think it is here, that still lettef mean that Rome’s system is the correct one.

Both agree that Scripture is clear, and that individuals can benefit from the study of the Scriptures. Scripture as a Teacher Athanasius, as noted above, refers to the Scriptures as a teacher: As the Bishop of Alexandria, spiritual master and theologian, he led the Church in its battle against the Arian heresy.

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Then we should say that the evidence is underdetermined with respect to these two competing theories. I really enjoyed reading your article.

Never will such a man be shaken from the truth, but those who try to trick and lead him into error he will refute; and it is no human teacher who promises us this, but the Divine Scripture itself. Showing of 28 reviews.

Athanasius’ Letter to Marcellinus | Son of the Fathers

The more individual part is that the Psalms describe you, the reader: July 13, at 2: The Rule of St. Antony, the founder of Christian monasticism. This is a two part answer. So given the evidence I allege you have offered at this point, either theory seems compatible with what Irenaeus says.


Get to Know Us. The Church of the apostles resembles in all essentials the Church of today by showing how the early Church already bore the marks, or “notes,” of the true Church of Christ which are still professed today in the Nicene Creed.

And, among all the books, the Psalter has certainly a very special grace, a choiceness of quality well worthy to be pondered; for, besides the characteristics which it shares with others, it has this peculiar marvel of its own, that within it are represented and portrayed in all their great variety the movements of the human lettee. The comment was one made by my professor.

Sorry, thought that “Coram Deo” was an old friend named David; I guess he isn’t Does that mean we cannot recieve this particular verse to also refer to the New Testament?

The Letter to Marcellinus is an introduction to the spiritual sense of atganasius Psalms. Bigger than that, however, the letter is a testimony to Athanasius’ very non-Romanist views of Scripture. Jesus had promised at the outset that “there would be one flock, one shepherd” John After some commentary on the sufficiency of the Psalms which we discuss belowAthanasius and the old man re-emphasize the individual’s ability to learn from the Psalms to his own advantage: In order to do that, one would have to show This appropriation acts as a mirror for the individual.

JOURNAL ~ Psalms

Explore the Home Gift Guide. The point is that going by the Historical Critical Method alone, it cannot be denied that contextually Paul is referring to lstter Old Testament.


As for the big “divisions” you cite: For He did not die as being Himself liable to death: The substance here is that the Scriptures, but especially the book of Psalms, yields a treasure those who really study it.

And given what Athanasius says about the divine power of the consensus of the Fathers and the unrevisability and divinity of the Ecumenical Council of Nicea, I don’t think this is plausible.

The evidence, then, is compatible with either interpretation. I’ve left the letrer bracketed citation to Matthew 8: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Each of these books, you see, is like athanaskus garden which grows one special kind of fruit; by contrast, the Psalter is a garden which, besides its special fruit, grows also some those of all the rest.

You don’t actually provide an analysis here to indicate the basis for your position.

The Letter of St. Athanasius to Marcellinus on the Interpretation of the Psalms

It tells the spiritual story of St. There was a problem filtering reviews marcrllinus now. Carlson on Research Languages. Would you say Sola Scriptura is compatible with the idea that the Ecumenical Councils give an infallible interpretation of Scripture? Please try again later.