A Few Words about Azharul Fatawa by Hadrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Naseem Ashraf Habibi (Habibi Darul Ifta, Durban South Africa) Azharul Fatawa is a. Azhar-ul-Fatawa. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is. Name, Azhar Ul Fatawa. Author. Topic. Publisher, Habibi Dar Ul Ifta Durban Saudh Africa. Language, English. Total Count,

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They have also tried to fly the remains to Zimbabwe for re-burial, but the Zimbabwean authorities rejected even this, as the deceased was a Pakistani citizen. He who performs Namaaz behind Wahabis and other misled persons loses his Namaaz and gives up his Imaan as well if he does so intentionally and knowingly.

So, Muslims must azharuk accept fataaa any account a job or post when he is forced to use a Tie or to accept such illegitimate conditions because the hypocrisy and dullness in religious affairs is a violent detriment to the religion and it causes the Anger of Allah. With regard to the Mas’alah pertaining to azharil excess payment of profit granted by the Banks to Muslims which is erroneously called “Interest” in a Darul Harbthe English translation of Allama Sahib’s reference to the famous Hanafiya Kitaab known as Hedaya compares more than favourably with the Orientalist Charles Hamilton’s translation of Hedaya in the view of the learned Aalims.

There is not enough time to elaborate his fagawa however, I can compress all his thoughts and teachings in a few stanzas of his poetry which present the real faith and right beliefs of a real Muslim concerning azharuk Holy Prophet Sallal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam as he says: They must fast one day for the lapse. If Tahirul Qadri refutes the Fatawa of Ulema-e-Haramain, then he appears as a person refusing the consensus of the Ulema-e-Islam and going astray from the Deen of Islam.

I have presented here only one example of insolence and blasphemous chattering of the leaders of Deobandies in the sanctified court of Allah’s last and beloved Prophet Sallal- Laahu Alaihi Wasallam otherwise, there are much more such examples of derogatory remarks which they have made against Allah and His Prophet Sallal-Laahu Alaihi Wasallam.


Full text of “Azhar Ul Fatawa (english)”

You can’t find anyone of Shia free from these false beliefs. English speaking people must ask any Urdu reader to explain it to them.

It must also be noted that when he married, he claimed to be a Sunni, but it was later established that he associated with non-Sunni? In the same manner, you compare the bow-tie with a neck-tie. They are certainly apostate and struck off the circle of Islam due to their wrong tenets and beliefs, which are contrary to Islam.

But be attentive that now you do visit the graves. It is stated in “Durre Mukhtaar” as under: This status quo is still maintained despite warning the management of the Mosque of this dangerous practice through a hand delivered letter and pamphlets. Kindly answer the following questions. The very rule of your issue remains.

Therefore, Taraweeh Salaah behind them is permissible, ever, in those very Mosques, Imaams from other cities, in fact from other countries, are l brought on the grounds that suitable Imaams are not available from the local population, he unavailability of religiously suitable Huffaz from the local areas is being used as an se to justify appointing those very Huffaz as Imaams for Taraweeh.

He used Hazrat Abbas’ white hair and prayed for rain. It is also clear by the above-mentioned facts that they the Christians consider making the sign of the Cross even with their hands in the air as a means of prosperity.

This is only backing up the Ahle Catawa Wa-Jamaat. Hadrat Mufti-e-Azam radiAllahu anhu has got a great reach in this field.

Please provide a Fatawa regarding the cited subject and there azharuo no Muslim Sunni Mufti currenty in Fiji and it is for reason I have knocked your door. Another evil of this method is that only after fertilisation which is the beginning of birth does birth azhagul take place and this is not permissible.

It is just like the rose and urine. Hence, find out the insight of Hadrat Mufti-e-Azam Hind nidi Allahu anhu in Islamic law and estimate the range of his information about the habits and affairs of contemporary persons.


Akhtar Raza Khan

Kindly give a verdict. I have had the privilege of accompanying him in his tour of the East African countries, and I had witnessed first hand that whenever Allama Sahib was questioned about any Mas’alah through the medium of the English language, he replied fattawa superb English with clarity and precision.

Taajush Shariah’s depth of knowledge of Fiqh is not unknown to the learned in this field. Kindly answer the following question in the light of Shari’ah. On the other hand, if there is a dealing between a Muslim and a Harbi Kaffir, it would not be considered as interest, but as profit and it would be legal for a Muslim despite the fact that the dealing takes place in Darul Islam.

However, Walayat does bring about the unveiling of things or X-ray vision to the great Awliya Allah Saints. This azharyl resulted in many uneducated and simple-minded Muslims accepting these Kliomeini-orientated speakers as their leaders.

It is not allowed to perform Jummah prayer in the Jail at any cost.

Azharul Fatawa-Collection of English Fatawa-by Taajush Shari’ah

In the field of issuing Fatawa, Allama Sahib has established a niche for himself by displaying the unusual qualities of possessing a highly retentive memory of the reference works on Fiqh; an incisive approach to the question; and applying conciseness, clarity and sagacity in producing the answers. Verse 31 From this it is proven that when a child is born, the sustenance for that child is already allocated.

Such Huffaaz were made azharyl the previous year about the beard being an important lat of our beloved Rasool sallal laahu alaihi wasallam and should, therefore, be an rver of this act of Sunnat at all times for the purpose of Imaamat.

Other people have no right to interfere in this matter.