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Especially among the male stars, popularity was diverted to those who had commonplace faces. The expressive surface of our body was thus reduced to the face alone and this not merely because the rest of the body was hidden by clothes. Not only can facial expression itself tell us things for which we have no words— the rhythm and tempo of changes in facial expression can also indicate the oscillation of moods which cannot be put into words. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Screen.

Nevertheless, this chapter may be of interest not merely as a chapter in the history of film theory. Graphology claims to read the writer’s true character from the handwriting even if what is written down is an untruth, but the ability to read handwriting in this way is a very rare gift. It is precisely this connection which lends meaning to its every movement. The silence of this film and everything resulting from it was thus no technical necessity, but intentional and deliberately accepted style— rather like the etcher’s renuncia- tion of colour.

It expresses anxiety and unspeakable horror. Such are the basically novel elements of film art. It is a great pity that the scholars dealing with the arts have up to now concerned themselves chiefly with already existing works of art and not at all with the subjective faculties which, aeated through a dialectical interaction, enable us to see and appreciate the newly-emerging beautiful things. He was a proponent of formalist film theory.


Béla Balázs – Monoskop

There he looks, not at the empty festive table, but at a bench laden with retorts, test-tubes and other apparatus, cheerfully glittering tools of his life’s work, his ever-faithful loyal friends. The Man and the Artist. The close-up has not only widened our vision of life, it has also deepened it. But such adherents of the natural did even more than this: But Hayakawa’s hard Japanese face is a mask of stone. On the stage such immobihty is possible only for very brief periods.

What baalazs was that the door of the next room opened for a moment, the woman came to the threshold of the lights room, hesitatal, but turned back and closed the dmt for ever.

But since then the printing press has grown to be the main bridge over which the more remote interhuman thory exchanges take place and the soul has been concentrated and crystallized chiefly in the word. The camera looks at the other characters and their surroundings out of the eyes of one of the characters.

As she rushes away she mmi pass through a large rmm full of wedding presents. Now in a series of brief scenes the film shows a cross-section of the social body of a whole city.

No lighting effects could have done it if the camera could not have been moved beal relation to the object. But in the course of the scene Asta Nielsen really falls in love with the young man. This principle implies that every work of art by force of its self-contained composition, is a microcosm with laws of its own. Russian audiences broke into spontaneous applause when they saw this scene. On a face, too, one can read ‘between the lines’.


Béla Balázs

The official guardians of culture note the fact with a certain amount of regret and uneasiness. Sign In Forgot password? But all this provided only new knowledge, new themes, new subjecte, bfla material A more important, more decisive, more historical novelty was that the film showed not other things.

Also inhe finished Theory of the Filmpublished posthumously in English London: He entered the picture and followed the patli towards the mountains and was never seen again by any man. We are seeing everything from the inhide as it were and are surrounded by the characters of the film.

THEORY OF THE FILM : BELA BALAZS : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The warmth of a paternal tenderness is still on his face when the news thdory brought of the assassina- tion of his close friend and comrade Uritski. So the manufac- turer gives money to his sister to build orphanages.

It is impossible to express such an oscillation of emotions in their original rhythm by means of the spoken word.

An ant-heap is lifeless if seen from a distance, tbeory at close quarters it is teeming with busy life. A spear in the hand of a naked savage is not as comic as a pike in the hands of a Home Guard.

Humanity is already learning the rich and colourful language of gesture, movement and facial expression.