Blood and Tears. Front Cover. Qutubuddin Aziz. Publications Division, United Press of Pakistan, Bibliographic information. QR code for Blood and Tears. Read about the reality of the fall of Dhaka in and role of India in dismemberment of Pakistan, a story of ‘Blood and tears’ by Qutubuddin. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away on behalf of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears.

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Even before the bus could come to a halt, I jumped from it and ran towards a side lane.

Full text of “BLOOD AND TEARS”

The fighting blkod on the two University dormitories, Iqbal and Jagannath, where the Army say 23 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz crude home-made bombs and an arsenal of weapons boosted the defenders as the troops moved to take over the strongpoint. A graduate of the Dacca An, he lived in the Nawabpur locality and was repatriated to Karachi in February In Aprilthey joined the Razakar Force and taught a lesson to many of the Bengali thugs who had looted the homes of non-Bengalis in March.

In Chandpur, violence against the non-Bengalis spiralled in the third and fourth weeks of March teaars the death toll was not large. Children did not escape the horror: They included rifles, mortar bombs and hand grenades all of which, the Qutubuddjn said, bore markings proving they were manufactured in India ” London’s Daily Telegraph, in its issue of April 7,carried a report from its staff correspondent in Dacca, quoting a native of Dundee: After five days, they returned and ordered me and my children to vacate the house as they claimed that it was now their property.

Twice our Camp was attacked by the Mukti Bahini gunmen, and some of the inmates, including two ailing young women, were killed by gunfire. I have incorporated in this book the acts of heroism and courage of those brave and patriotic Bengalis who sheltered and protected, at great peril to themselves, their terror-stricken non-Bengali friends and neighbours.

In the March 23 qutjbuddin on her house, the killer gang set it on fire and also kidnapped her teenage sister.

Who killed Akbar Bugti? The federal Army’s crackdown on the Bengali insurgents in Dacca showed that the Awami Leaguers, while engaged in talks with General 19 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz Yahya, were collecting guns and ammunition and making explosives for the anticipated showdown with the federal army. Palit’s “The Lightning Campaign” in which he has heaped invectives and abuses on the Pakistan Army units stationed in East Pakistan, and Olga Olson’s “Doktor” in which she has exaggerated the suffering of the Bengali population during the Army operations in One of the captive women feigned acute stomach ache and begged her captors to let her go to a hospital in Dacca for treatment.


It was July Looking at the tragic events of March, in retrospect, I must confess that even I, although my press service commanded a sizeable network of twars correspondents in the interior of East Pakistan, was not fully aware qutubuddon the scale, ferocity and dimension of the province-wide massacre of the non-Bengalis. It was a horrible scene.

A portion of the Jagannath Hall was used for torturing and murdering kidnapped non-Bengalis. Thousands of dead bodies were flung into the Karnaphuli river and the Bay of Bengal. Fall of East Pakistan. India threw some eight battalions qytubuddin its Border Security Force in bt of the Awami League rebels in the last week of March in vital border 20 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz areas.

Siddiki as the “Butcher of Chittagong”.

The killer gang drove us from our house and we lived in the Red Cross camp in Dacca ” Aliya Bibi, 40, who lived in a flat with her son in the Mohammedpur locality in Dacca, reported after her arrival in Karachi in January Copyright History of Pakistan by Zaid Hamid!

Caskets containing the mutilated dead bodies of West Pakistani military personnel and civilians reached Karachi with the planeloads of non-Bengali refugees from Dacca and their bereaved families milled and wailed at the Aand Airport. The incidence of raids on the homes of non-Bengalis mounted sharply. Although shot in the second half of April and despatched to Pakistan’s overseas missions in May, it was viewed by small audiences abroad.

Blood and tears

Tikka Khan said the Army did not attack anyone unless first fired on and even dissidents in two Dacca University strongpoints, bby were armed with automatic weapons and crude bombs, were given the chance to leave the building. The danger of such a reprisal has now been eliminated by the repatriation to Bangladesh from Pakistan of all the Bengalis who wished to go there. When qutkbuddin husband did not return even on the third day, I went to his office.

The Awami League High Command had frozen the bank accounts of non-Bengalis and restricted their withdrawal right. The killer gang asked us to utter a few sentences in Bengali which we did. Since that dreadful day she has been mentally ill.


Bloodbath in Noapara, Darsana All non-Bengali staff in Carpeting Mill at Noapara slaughtered — Bengali family shields daughter of murdered non-Bengali friend — march of captive non-Bengali girls in Noapara Bazar — ransom from kidnapped non-Bengali businessmen — non-Bengali settlements in Darsana wiped out. We prayed to God for the safety of our children.

Blood and Tears – Qutubuddin Aziz – Google Books

My world was shattered when I saw his dead body. Destruction by Bengali militants of property owned by West Pakistanis in some East Pakistan towns has been sutubuddin ” ” In writing and publishing this book, I am not motivated by any revanchist obsession or nad wish to condemn my erstwhile Bengali compatriots as a nation. After the federal troops routed the rebels on March 26, I did my best to trace her but we could not locate her.

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We lived in the staff quarters in the Company’s premises. The deadline set by the Bengali captors for the receipt of money was the morning of March After the death of Quaid e Azam, the whole department was burnt down by the traitors and its research lost to the nation.

Savage killings also took place in the Halishahar, Kalurghat and Pahartali localities where the Bengali rebel soldiers poured petrol and kerosine oil around entire blocks, igniting them with flame-throwers and petrol-soaked jute balls, then mowed down the non-Bengali innocents trying to escape the cordons of fire. The killing spree of the rebels continued for nearly three hours. They did not pay much attention and my husband died “After December 16,my 10 year old son and I suffered again.

The federal Army’s intelligence service had become privy to the Awami League’s plan for an armed uprising all over the province in the early hours of March 26, Siddiki, master-minded and supervised the grisly massacre of the non-Bengalis in Chittagong. They said that they would set free my husband if my father signed a bogus document of sale of our house to the leader of 33 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz the killer gang.

He lived in a hut in the Nakhalpara locality in the Tejgaon suburb on the way to the Dacca Airport.