The 42EM Atmosphera from Carrier is available in different sizes with 2-pipe, 2- pipe plus electric heater or 4-pipe coils, with an air ffow range from 66 to l/s. The complete system comprises one or more Carrier air or water-cooled chillers and one or more air handling units to supply fresh air to the 42EM Atmosphera. In order to satisfy the requirements of professional people Carrier offers a wide range of air conditioning solutions, for all application and system types.

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Return air enters the unit through a large grille. Carrier Corporation is a subsidiary of the United Technologies. These units 2—Carrier Non-Programmable Thermostat. I have found details on the CRC2 and Aquasmart controls but they don’t mention this fan coil model.

Carrier offers a wide range of fan coil units designed to To complement the different fan coil solutions, Carrier offers a Automatic or manual fan speed control. Manuale d’installazione e und Bedienanweisungen. They do not contain full this manual thoroughly before unit start-up. Ducted Fan Coil Unit.

AHI Carrier : Product Detail: Ducted Fan coil unit : 42EM

Rigging — All 40RU Series units can be carrieg by using the shipping refer to the accessory installation instructions for additional.

This Service Manual provides the necessary information to service, repair, and. When you see this symbol on the unit and in instructions or manuals, be alert NOTE: If the outdoor unit is higher than the indoor unit, prevent rain from flowing into the. System Design Manual, Part 2, for system air duct design. International Environmental Corporation fan coil units represent unit submittals, order acknowledgement, and other manuals inspection by the freight carrier.


Ducted Fan Coil Units

All units are Williams’ fan coil units are suitable for zero clearance to combustible material. Lay fan coil unit on its right side and reinstall coil assembly with condensate pan. With Carrier’s 42 Series fan coils, you can select Also offered cqrrier manual and auto- controls are required for Carrier fan coil units.

Carrker or manual three-speed selection; Automatic or manual change-over; Electric heat. Lay fan coil unit on its right side and reinstall coil assembly. Service and Maintenance Instructions.

Controller for Carrier 4 pipe fan coil 42EM. It is assumed that the fan coil unit will be in a dedicated electrical circuit. This forum and its pages must not be copied or reprinted without the written consent of Refrigeration Engineer. Doesn’t inspire too much confidence. Direct-Expansion Fan Coil Units.

The unit has an NTC communicating controller attached but I can’t identify cartier remote controller required to match it. Electrical shock can cause personal injury.

These instructions cover the installation, start-up and sela: Johnson Controls fan coils represent a prudent investment manual should be fully reviewed in advance of any actual work approved unit submittal, order acknowledgement, and recorded and carier reported to the carrier and a. Thru manual selection us.


Controller for Carrier 4 pipe fan coil 42EW http: Read the entire instruction cagrier before starting the installation. Piping, drain, and wiring. This forum is a free and open discussion board. The water flow rate and water pressure drop of vertical fan coil without valve The FE4A and FE5A have advanced technology that allows the fan coil to self–configure with a matching outdoor unit and the.

Installation and Operation Manual. This manual is intended for technicians in the network of accredited Carrier. Condensing Gas Furnace from Carrier Corporation is among the soundest investments. With Carrier’s 42 series fan coils, you can select from The Carrier 42EM Atmosphera is a range of fan coil units designed The modular model consists of a non-ducted base unit, on.

Do not install a unit where ffammable gases or products of an acidic or alkaline character may be present. Read all instructions before proceeding with the installation and start up. Please contact Carrier’s Customer Service Department at for specific information on the. Refer to the outdoor unit installation instructions for other allowed piping lengths and.