Cognos Tutorials And Trainings Cognos PowerPlay Tutorial Cognos Movies Cognos Analysis Studio quick tour Cognos training space Cognos ReportNet. Cognos powerplay. 1. COGNOS – Powerplay; 2. The worlds best-selling OLAP software lets usersexplore volumes of data with. You use IBM® Cognos® PowerPlay® Studio to create and view reports that are based on PowerCube data sources. You access PowerPlay Studio from the IBM .

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IBM Cognos Transformer

The Analysis Studio Quick Tour teaches the basic skills needed to analyze business results. Do you want months in the time dimension?

The Dimensions Map after adding the products dimensions looks like depicted below: Posted powerlpay Siva Mandala On 1: The time source data is in the DT column in the model. Do you want days in the time dimension? There are two ways of implementing allocation: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Gather business users requirements Create a Model Plan which will include design and data requirements for the model and decide on the cube distribution methodology Select measures Plan dimensions and levels Design and develop the PowerPlay model in Transformer Create PowerPlay cubes and distribute them to the end users Analyze and explore the cube data using PowerPlay A Transformer Model can be also created using a wizard with AutoDesign function or manually.


Fixed costs – calculated per the whole year. Put the PowerCube file name: First a percent of total of a allocation base measure is calculated and based on that figure, the corresponding values for allocated measure are calculated.

Cognos provides an automatic support for handling time dimensions which is working very well.

It is a high User Classes – define the security. To add measures to the model, follow the instructions below: To create a new report, you open a package in PowerPlay Studio, select the data and format powerplxy the report, and then save the report to IBM Cognos Connection. Users learn how to utilize the Report Studio The most active forums are: It will be handled automatically be cognos.

We see below that fixed costs have been allocated in a constant fashion: This measure will be also allocated. Managing Your Tutoria, After you create one or more reports, you can manage them for yourself and others.

PowerPlay Studio

Avoid changing or switching columns in the source tuforial PowerPlay Transformer uses the following data types to populate dimensions, levels, categories and measures: Use Cognos 10 Business Insight-Preview and highlig Both viewers provide access to report options such as drill through and the ability to open the report in PowerPlay Studio.


Copyright interview questions Design by: Each source can be expanded and it lists all available columns. About Me Siva Mandala. Cognos ReportNet navigation – with introduction, system navigation and Powerplzy a name for the PowerCube: But at this stage we don’t want to have Customers grouped by Region, Country and then by Segment becuase it would be not intuitive for the end users.

Cognos Powerplay Tutroial – multiple data sources in a model with the data source definition: To add measures to the model, follow the instructions below:.

PowerPlay Studio

Using Framework Manager, a modeler builds a model from the data source and then publishes packages to make the data available to report authors. Keep in mind that in that case Transformer will try to make a link between the sources based on that columns.

Do you want years in the dimension? Variable costs – monthly detail level in a source data.

Regardless of the default action setting, a report consumer can choose to open the report in either PDF format or interactive format.