“The discovery of Witchcraft; wherein the leud dealing of Witches, and Witchmongers is notably detected, the knavery of Conjurers, the impiety of Inchantors, the. The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Classic Reprint) [Reginald Scot] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from The Discoverie of Witchcraft. Reginald Scot wrote The Discoverie of Witchcraft as a refutation of witchcraft and the inquisition. He argued that witchcraft and spirits were fictional, and caused.

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I conjure thee, and bind thee Sibyliathat thou shalt not depart out of the circle wherein thou art appeared, nor yet to alter thy shape, except I give thee licence to depart. And grant to me thy power, good Lord, to constraine them by this art: To make a spirit to appeare in a christall.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft

Society must always be vigilant and ready to push back against such irrational fear-mongering and superstition. Blazes daie; to wit, Call upon God, and remember S.

Therefore he that will doo this worke, shall absteine from lecherousnes and dronkennesse, and from false swearing, and doo all the abstinence that he may doo; and namelie three dales before he go to worke, and in the third dale, when the night is come, and when the starres doo shine, and the element faire and cleare, he shall bath himselfe and his fellowes if he have anie all together in a quicke welspring.

Item, a condemned or infamous persons testimonie is good and wihchcraft in matters of witchcraft. Reginald Scot, by the way, looked like he was trained in Kabbalistic teachings discovwrie ceremonial evocation.

Is the best aspect, with good planets, and woorst with evill. The maister standing at the head of the grave, his fellow having in his hands the candle and the stone, must begin the conjuration as followeth, and the spirit will appeare to you in the christall stone, in a faire forme of a child of twelve yeares of age.

I actually read the book, cover to cover, and found pretty much none of what you describe.

This art of it selfe is not evill; for it consisteth in searching foorth the nature, causes, and effects of things. But let us see what appearance of truth or possibilitie is wrapped within these mysteries, and let us unfold the deceipt.


And bome about in witfhcraft places, from perill doth preserve. Englished by Abraham Fleming. And if you will knowe the disposition of witchcrft world, and what the earth is, or what holdeth it up in the water, or any other thing, or what is Abyssusor where the wind is, or from wicthcraft it commeth, he will teach you aboundantlie. His idea of trying to prove witchcraft does not exist is the most brilliant thing ever to do to defend the witches. The Dover edition of Discoverie is a reprint of the John Rodker edition, and the introduction to this edition is also of historical interest.

If wtchcraft spirit make anie sound of voice, or knocking, at the naming of anie one, he is the cousener the conjuror I would saie that must have the charge of disscoverie conjuration or examination. Hopefully you have some evidence to prove your case.

If they wjtchcraft that the divell covereth them with a cloud or veile, doscoverie M. A Gentlewoman having sore eies, made hir mone to one, that promised hir helpe, if she would follow his advise: THE reason why some are not remedied for all their conjurations, the papists say is for seven causes. A confutation of all the former follies touching Incubus, which by examples and proofes of like stuffe is shewed to be flat knaverie, wherein the carnall copulation with spirits is overthrowne.

The monumental injustice and foolishness of witch-hunts seems to have struck a moral chord in Scot, leading to his book. In the brest or forepart thereof must be made with needle worke two heads; on the head at the right side must be a hat, and a long beard; the left head must have on a crowne, and it discverie be so horrible, that it maie resemble Belzebub, and on each side of the wastcote must de made a crosse. Furfur is a great earle, appearing as an hart, with a firie taile, he lieth in everie thing, except he be brought up within a triangle; being bidden, he taketh angelicall forme, he speaketh with a hoarse voice, and willinglie maketh love betweene man and wife; he raiseth thunders and lightnings, and blasts.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft, by Reginald Scot () | Skulls in the Stars

Gomory a strong and a mightie duke, he appeareth like a faire woman, with a duchesse crownet about hir midle, riding on a camell, he answereth well and truelie of things present, past, and to come, and of treasure hid, and where it lieth: Asperges me, Domine, hyssopo, et mundabor: Item they saie, it is somewhat more difficult to conjure the divell out of one bewitched, than out of one possessed: The art and order to be used in digging for monie, revealed by dreames, how to procure pleasant dreames, of morning and midnight dreames.


This holie commixtion of the bodie and bloud of our Lord Jesus Christ, let it be made to me, and to all the receivers thereof, health of mind and bodie, and a wholesome preparative for the deserving and receiving of everlasting life, through our Lord Jesus, Amen.

And there he taketh paines to proove, that the words of God are of as great holinesse as relikes of saints, whereas in such respect as they meane they are both alike, and indeed nothing woorth. It is an extremely difficult book to read, being written in archaic Early Modern English and using many words and phrases which are outdated and virtually unknown.

They joine herewithall either fat, or oile in steed thereof, that the force of the ointment maie the rather pearse inwardly, and so be more effectuall. At least two were hanged in the outcry which followed, and the case caused a sensation throughout England. A confutation of the manifold vanities conteined in the precedent chapters, speciallie of commanding of divels.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft

Leo from heaven by an angell, the vertues of S. The terror of hell fire must needs be to them diverslie manifested, and much more terrible; bicause of their weaknesse, nature, and kind, than to any other: If thou refuse this to wltchcraft, I by the holie trinitie, and their vertues and powers doo condemne thee thou spirit N. Take a peece of wax crossed in baptisme, and doo but print certeine floures therein, and tie them in the hinder skirt of your shirt; and when you would undoo the locke, blow thrise therin, saieng: For the name of a witch is so odious, and hir power so feared among the common people, that if the honestest bodie living chance to be arraigned thereupon, she shall hardlie escape condemnation.

But lo what reason such people have.