I found a module for sale, PCTC – DSC Escort Voice Module, The module includes a built in interface to control up to 32 X10 units and four. Escort Pctc – Dsc Escort Voice Module, manual related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top Escort experts. LCDz – DSC Full message LCD keypad for power series control panel . PCTC ESCORT MODULE WITH BUILT IN THERMOSTAT INTERFACE.

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An audio interface module installed with the main controller is required.

PC5580TC – DSC ESCORT Voice Module

What will this module work with? All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Can be programmed to respond to one of 14 different system conditions. Features a orthogonal antenna arrangement for better RF reception. Allows the alarm system to print reports to a serial printer. PC works with power and c. Disclosure This site receives affiliate commissions from some of the companies I discuss. Each zone input can be individually programmed for any type of protection door, window, motion detector, glassbreak sensor, etc.


Besides DSC alarm products, they have a complete line of equipment from several other manufacturers. Wireless Receiver pc – Only registered users can write reviews.

The wireless sensors can be assigned to zones 1 to 32 only.

Keypad Option for Power Series. I’m not intrested in the sockit type relays, as the lights to be turned on are ceiling fan lights or t8s, even candlebras. Each output is rated at 50mA. For larger houses, zone expanders can be pc5580hc to increase the number of protected zones. In that case, you have a well-known brand and model that will likely last for years to come.

I was thinking about the X10 wall light switches, for the lights I want turned on, in an alarm condition through my DSC panel. Audio Interface Module PC works with power and c.

Escort Pctc – Dsc Escort Voice Module Manual – Questions (with Pictures) – Fixya

Escort Voice Assisted Telephone Control: The manual states the ssc are endless, I guess its time to read more x10 forum Remote telephone access is available from your car, your office, or even your vacation spot.

Adds 8 programmable outputs to the alarm system. The station can be used to sound the doorbell chime on interior audio stations. The system’s voice prompt gives plain language prompts in English, French, or Spanish, directing you through the system.


For example, suppose you have a garage, guesthouse, and dsf in addition to the main house. October 10, Module contains extensive library of voice prompts ie this unit talks back to you.


Each station must be home-run to the interface module using shielded 22 gauge, 4-conductor wire. What are you looking to do? My only other option is to go pv5580tc. Any hard-to-wire locations could be covered using wireless door and window transmitters, wireless motion detectors, etc.

Each station can be used to initiate or receive pages, answer incoming calls, answer the doorbell, monitor rooms or sound an alarm follower. This pc580tc will provides up to seven intercoms including two for exterior entrances each with full two-way communications between any station and room monitoring. Enter your e-mail Address Submit.