Official website of Claudia Gray, New York Times Bestselling Author of YA novels , including BALTHAZAR, FATEFUL, the EVERNIGHT series. Evernight (Evernight, Book 1) (English Edition) di [Gray, Claudia . Soon Bianca discovers she could never fit in with the Evernight students – they’re just too. Stargazer (Evernight, Book 2) (English Edition) di [Gray, Claudia The second novel in the internationally bestselling EVERNIGHT series – a vampire romance .

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If I come across them I would pick them up though. But I’ve read better. See all 6 questions about Evernight…. The plot was similar but just take out witches and throw in vampires.

But Bianca fell in love with Lucas — sworn enemy of her kind, and when his true identity was revealed he fled the dk. It was all a set up. There seems to be 2 wars going on; Vampires vs. As I mentioned Bianca and Lucas are clauudia crossed lovers. Okay, so her best friend and almost lover is in the next room being tortured.

Skye’s newfound psychic powers have caught the attention of Redgrave, the cruel, seductive master vampire responsible for murdering Balthazar and his Even at the most heartbreaking times and when you think its impossible for them to be in the same place at the same time, hope stays alive. Almost all the hardships in this book are caused by the fact claidia Bianca cannot stand to leave her beloved Lucas.

Hourglass (Evernight, #3) by Claudia Gray

Almost half the book is Bianca talking about how madly in love she is with him and how perfect he is. I loved the first one Evernight ,so I’m excited about this one! And it was done tastefully too. By the second surprise revelation however I was ready for just about anything. Open Preview See a Problem?


Evernight (Evernight, Book 1) (English Edition) eBook: Claudia Gray: : Kindle Store

Lucas sacrifices so much for her, more so than I think he could imagine. If you DO, then I am pleased to report that I really enjoyed this book! Bianca is afraid evvernight all these high schoolers who seem too worldly and perfect to be clauda – you definitely get a sense of Bella Swan and the Cullen family in Twilight before she finds out they’re vampires. Bianca Oliver finds herself enrolled at Evernight Academy, an exclusive boarding school far away from her small hometown.

I love that book! There’s a second revelation at the end but by then you pretty much expect it.

Leia, Princess of Alderaan. Puoi leggerlo utilizzando uno qualsiasi dei seguenti dispositivi o una app Kobo: Kindle Direct Publishing Pubblica i tuoi libri in formato elettronico. I had a review all written out and then my Male-counter-part turned off the computer when I left it like a ninny, so now it’s gone. Unfortunately he didn’t wake up and I needed someone to discuss this turn of events. I apologize if this review is unorganized at the moment.

She begrudgingly takes Bianca under her wing. Gray directed more focus on vampire and other paranormal lore and I think that definitely added to the interest of the overall story. Although I wasn’t happy with all of the actions the characters took, I still like Lucas and Bianca and I am interested to see where the story heads next. Hourglass was a little steamier then the previous two novels as well! Ulteriori informazioni su Amazon Prime. Hardcoverpages. She does literally nothing but cry and faint for the entire book, until the last like, 80 pages, where she still doesn’t do all that much by herself.


Refresh and try again. Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told her destiny is to become one of them. Descended from witches, Nadia senses a dark and powerful magic at work in her new town.

I thought the Hunger Games were intense, but that was a walk in the park in comparison. Which is to grya expected because Bianca and Lucas are childish and silly. For every boring moment in the first half, the second half offered an complex setup, quick pacing, and really, really great discoveries.

Surprisingly, I really enoyed this book. Now, all I can do is wait for Afterlife to be released!!!! I think for teenager audience this is a wrong message. Gray does not stereotype her characters or pigeonhole them into traditional roles, letting the reader decide for themselves what it means to be “good” and “evil.

YOu have to read this right way! That dumb bitch villain pissed me eveenight good.

Unisciti a Kobo e inizia a leggere oggi stesso

It really annoyed me because it was clearly just thrown in there because it was convenient. It’s a fresh take on a genre that is swiftly becoming stale. All I could really think was, ‘But Ms Gray, you evegnight doing so well!

Instead he returns to Bianca quite ecernight – I guess teen love is a hard thing to let go of. Maddening suspense screams off of these pages as you struggle to hold it together. But man, is it ever hard not to talk about this!!