Configuration and troubleshooting of early watch alert in solman . I want to configure EWA in solution Manager , can you pls post step. How to configure Early Watch Alert (EWA) in SAP Solution manager To configure EWA some specific settings to be done at managing system (Solution system) and SAP Solution Manager post installation steps. Run all the necessary steps so that we are able to generate ewa report. 1. Setup RFC connection between solution manager and SAP service marketplace for various clients and have experience with Solution manger and SP

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The following satellite system data is captured in a week and passed to the SAP Solution Cofniguration General component status System configuration Hardware Performance development Average response times Current system load Critical error messages and process interruptions Database administration The SAP Early Watch Alert per system and alert data collection day, can vary by solution.

When prompted, please select the respective system and client from the resulting screen and confirm 11 Early watch service session activation for satellite system: I have configured EWA report and system monitoring and other configuration in Solution manager of various version.


Hi DurgaPrasad, The content seems very useful. The Icon is of an hour glass indicates the EWA is scheduled and waiting for the Managed system to provide the collected data. Hi Nilutpal, You are a Champion!!!!! Step 4 – Assign Diagnostic Agent. Hi, Please follow below link: Search or use up configuratio down arrow keys to select an item.

Scroll down for required date and go to right hand side of the report to see the following beside each report. August 7, at 6: Hi Miguel, Thanks for your added information. August 1, at 9: Please provide the details and confirm to trigger the generation of the report 12 Login to satellite system, goto transaction code SDCCN and press create button which displays a screen to select a task to be executed.

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Miguel Angel Arino Clarke. Click on BI 7. July 12, at 8: Now you can see the technical system details in solman SLD.

Cpnfiguration direction is needed for troubleshooting EarlyWatch Alert issues. March 26, at 8: I found that various amendments have appeared in new Solution Manager 7. EWA not generated – session data is overdue red flag dolman. Technical systems are fully automatic. Anonymous 20 May at Schedule for a time that will allow it to complete prior to SM: Maintain following parameters in instance profile: We should make sure that all the three basic configuration steps like.


EWA alert configuration from Solution Manager 7.1

July 12, 6 minute read. Click on component information icon to see the list.

Newer Post Older Post Home. You are commenting using your Twitter account. To configure Early watch alert some specific settings to be done at managing system Solution manager system and satellite system or managed system — for which EWA report to be generated. This prompts you wolman confirm the date and time to run the report.

SAP Basis Tutorials: How to configure Early Watch Alert report

Anonymous 27 October at You will be prompted to enter the schedule time to run the report. Thankyou Nitupal, Very useful information. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Yup… Now we can proceed for our main configurations ……………………………. Thank you Nitupal…this one use full to me…. I confiburation looking to Hire Work. How Can I get such information?

Hi, can any one confirm, if above procedure is still valid for latest releases of 7.