Phone, Suggest a phone number · Address. Rua Senador Álvaro Maia; Pôrto Velho. Share on Facebook · Share on Google Plus · Share on LinkedIn · Share on Twitter. CEO. Company: Fabio Mestriner Design & Packing Intelligence LTDA. Gestão Estratégica de Embalagem. Uma Ferramenta de Competitividade Para Sua Empresa (Em Portuguese do Brasil). by Fabio Mestriner.

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Glass turns into new glass. In addition to his role as Professor, Mestriner is a Brazilian designer with 38 years of professional experience. The volume of packaging waste in urbanized areas as a result of this increased growth can be a challenge.

By default, we tend to dabio products that lie down as something with limited value; however, enabling the pouch to stand up completely changed its performance, and sales peaked.

Having won multiple prizes for his work, Mestriner sat on the World Packaging Organization board between and Innovation is a risk and only truly achieved by those who have the courage to take it. Packaging is a key component of the society we live mesrtiner. For more information about our use of cookies, please view our Privacy Policy.


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This website uses cookies to provide you the best experience. Therefore, the distribution of goods is done through retail networks, meaning items need packaging, bar codes, longer shelf lives and more.

Packaging in Brazil accounts for 29 percent of total urban waste. Rice, beans, lettuce, flowers, water …everything is packed, because of our urban lifestyle. We forget that oil goes into making mstriner packaging, meaning plastic containers are essentially an open oil reserve that can be recovered at any time.

With a population of over million people, Brazil is one of the top global markets for consumer products. Aluminum returns to aluminum. Steel turns into steel again. We are the fifth largest global market for fanio food, for example.

Beija Flor do Rabo Branco (Phaethornis pretrei) | Fabio Mestriner | Flickr

And sometimes innovations originate from a breakthrough of existing formats. To achieve successful innovation, every link in the chain must be aligned when you propose new packaging, otherwise you are not proposing a new rabio. The future of packaging is in integral design, utilizing different materials combined with new technologies to mstriner the best outcome and performance.

In addition, he is the Strategic Coordinator of the Brazilian Packaging Association and has authored numerous books. Did you know that Brazil is the second largest toothpaste market in the world? We are generally, as a society, unaware of the amount of food being wasted.

  DECRETO 3489 DE 1982 PDF

Packaging is not trash—it is a valuable raw material! Because it’s a bag that stands up! Of this 29 percent, about 60 percent is returned to manufacturers for recycling. Instead, you are creating a problem for the manufacturer of the product. Professor Mestriner advises brand owners, materials suppliers and packaging designers to look beyond the consumer and study the specific packaging category before bringing new packaging applications to market.

Why is it so popular?

In this edition of IN, Fanio discusses the invaluable role of packaging in society, with a focus on the Brazilian market. If you do not accept the deployment of cookies or restrict them in any way, you will not be able to use all the interactive functions on our website.