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Of mans soul and through what means it is joyned [joined] to the ocklta. But thus much concerning the mind and spirit: But he which hath lived civilly and vertuously, returnes a man. Kapol or Samuel Capoland Abindan, “who are the three that have written the most. But the extrinsecall and vocall word, is the of-spring [offspring] and agtippa of that word, and a spirit proceeding out of the mouth with sound and voice, signifying something: Through this middle thing, by the command of God who is the center of the world, it is first infused into the middle point of the heart, which is the center of mans body, and from thence it is diffused through all the parts and fillosofia of his body, when it joyneth his chariot to the naturall heat, being a spirit generated from the heart by heat; by this it plungeth it self into the humours, by the which it inhereth in all the members, and to all these is agrippa equally the nighest, although it be agriippa through one to another; even as the heat of fire adhereth most nigh to the air and water, although it be transferred by the air to the water; thus it is manifest, how the immortal soul, by an immortall body, viz.

Gaffarel identifies the source as Rabbi Eliahou Chomer, R. The wisdome, life, light and Truth existing by himself, of which Image mans soul is the Image, in regard of which we are said to be made after the Image of God, not after the Image of the world, or of the creatures; for as God cannot be touched, filksofia perceived by the ears, nor seen with the eyes; so the soul of man can neither bee seen, heard nor touched.

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa: Occult Philosophy, Book III (part 3)

God also created after his Image; for as the world is the Image of God, so man is the Image of the world. The middle is the reasonable spirit knitting and tying together both extreams [extremes], viz. Where they enjoy certain wonderfull pleasures, as also sensitive, intellectuall, and revealed knowledge; also perhaps they may be indoctrinated concerning faith, and justification, as those spirits long since to whom Christ preached the Gospel in prison.

Seeing every power and vertue is from above, from God, from the Intelligences and Stars, who can neither erre nor do evill, it is necessary, that all evill, and whatsoever is found disagreeing and dissonant in these inferiour things, do proceed, not from the malice of the Influence, but from the evill disposition of the receiver; thus Chysippus rightly sang, They do like fooles accuse the Gods falsly, Make them the cause of all their misery, When as their folly hurts themselves Hence Jupiter calling to minde the case of Aegisthus slain by Orestes, by Homer in the counsel of the Gods, saith, Us Gods do men accuse what vice is this?

But we shall here under-write the Oracle of Hecate; for thus she speaks, Marke I will teach What statue thou shalt make For me; boughs of the wood, and wormwood take, Then garnisg it, on’t paint domestick mice; Let ornaments be fair, and of great price. There is also in Scotland the Mountain Dolorosus, from whence are heard dreadfull lamentations: But we here speak of the naturall spirit, which yet in some sort is also corporeall, notwithstanding it hath not a grosse body, tangible and visible, but a most subtile body and easie to be united with the mind viz.


Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Therefore are Kings and Priests if they be Just companions of the gods and endowed with the like power.

We finde also in sacred writ that many names of evil Demons had their rise from most wicked men, or from the habitations of wicked men; as the name Astaroth which is the name of an evill Demon, was formerly the name of the City of Og King of Basanin which dwelt giants; in like manner Astaroth was formerly filoskfia City of the Amorrhei; Raphaim a valley, and Filoskfia the country of the Allophyli ; and also they were the names of Idols, and evill Demons; as Remma was the statue of the Idol of Damascus; Chamos the Idol of Moab; Melchim the Idol of the Amontae; Bel the Idol of Babylonians; Adramelech the Idol of the Assirians [Assyrians]; Dagon the Idol of the Allophyli.

Jupiter then sendeth down covetousnes, evil occasions to get wealth, and tyranny: His companions did as he advised, and the Phantasme presently with a noise vanished away like a shadow: On the Art of the Kabbalah Tr. This image therefore of the soul enters into the ghost as an Aerial body, filosofai which being covered doth sometimes advise friends, sometimes stir up enemies, as Dido threatens Aeneas in Virgil saying, I’ll hunt thee, and thee tortures I will give.

So Trajan the Emperor was delivered from Hell by Saint Gregory, and Justified to salvation, though some think that he was not freed from the guilt of punishment, but the Justice of punishment was prorogued [prolonged] untill the day of iudgment; But Thomas Aquinas saith it seemeth more probable, that by the intercessions of S.

Furthermore, from the Angelicall orders man is strengthened with wonderfull vertues, viz. Evil spirits; But they may be called ghosts when it is uncertain whether they have deserved well or ill.

Lincoln Nebraska,p.

And although the body and organ be corrupted, yet the operation will not cease, but like affections and dispositions will remain. But agrlppa Cabalists of the Hebrews do not admit that souls are turned into brutes: Neither are those mere fables which many have recorded of the cave of Patricius, of the den of Vulcan of the Aetnean caves, and of the den of Nursia, many that have seen and known them testifying the same.

Which are of the nine Chambers, Characterizing their letters by the above written Notariacon: But if it hath done ill, the aggippa judgeth it, and leaves it to the pleasure of the divel [Devil], and the sad soul wanders about Hell without a spirit, like an image, as Dido complaines in Virgil; And now the great image of mee shall go Under the earth Wherefore then this soul being voyde [void] of an intelligible essence, and being left to the power of a furious phantasy, is ever subjected by the torment of corporeall qualities, knowing that it is by the just judgement of God, for ever deprived of the divine vision to which it was created for its sins: But evil spirits are overcome by us through the assistance of the good, especially when the petitioner is very pious and devout, and sings forth sacred words, and a horrible speech, as by conjuring the Divine power by the venerable names, and signs of supernaturall powers, by miracles, by Sacraments, by sacred mysteries, and such like; which conjurations, or adurations, in as much as they are done by the name and power of Religion, and Divine vertue, those evil spirits are afraid of; whence also oftentimes prophane men do bind or allay by such kinde of sacred conjurations, evil spirits not enduring such things, whence Cyprian in his book Quod Idola Dii non sint ocuta, saith; that spirits being adjured by the true God to presently yeeld to us, and confesse, and are forced to go out of possessed bodies, and either presently leap out, or by degrees vanish, according as the faith of the Patient is helping, or grace of the swearer aspires.


Then the celestial influences, otherwise of themselves good, are made hurtfull to us, even as the light of the sun to eyes ill disposed: Then frankincense, myrrh, storax mix’t with blood Of mice, then sing thou words secret and good; As thou seest shapes of mine, so on it lay, As many reall mice; then take the bay, And out of th’ trunk thereof a case prepare To put it in; then see thou have a care, That to the Statue thou devoutly pray, Also thy debts, and vows take care thou pay; If that these things that here required be, Thou shalt perform, in dreams thou shalt me see.

In aedibus Danielis Bo[m]bergi,sig. He Symbolizeth with the matter in a proper subject; with the Elements in a fourfold body; with Plants in a vegetative vertue; with animals in a sensitive faculty; with the Heavens in an Etherial spirit, and influx of the superior parts on the inferiour: Also Behemoth, and the Leviathan signifie beasts, and divels [devils].

Hence Plotinus saith, that the souls fliosofia men are sometimes made spirits: Of these apparitions there are divers examples; such was that ocilta Pliny the Junior makes mention of concerning the house of Athenodorus the Philosopher of Tharsis in which there appeared with a sudden horrible noise the ghost of an old man. Which then are contracted into one, yet the points Notariacon are wont to be omitted, and then there comes forth such a Character avrippa Michael.

The most abundant God as Trismegisus saith hath framed two Images like himself, viz. These without doubt Homer seemed to be sensible of, when in the eleventh book of his Odyssey he brings in the mother of Ulysses being dead, standing near to him offering sacrifice, but neither knowing him or speaking to him, whilst he with his sword drawn did keep off ghosts from the blood of the sacrifice. Which without all doubt were the works of ghosts and divels [devils]. Hence they cure diseases by their touch and word and sometimes command the times and the Heavens, as Virgil sang of AugustusIt rains all night, i’th’ morn the raies [rays] return; Caesar with Jove divided hath the throne.

There are in divers Countries and Provinces such like miracles as these.

Filosofia Oculta II: La Magia Celeste

So the spirit of Naboth as the masters xgrippa the Hebrews interpret it because in the end of its life it went forth with a desire of revenge, was made to execute revenge, the argippa of a lye [lie], and went forth, God permitting it, a lying spirit in the mouth of all fiposofia prophets, untill it made Achab go up unto Ramoth-Gilead.

There is moreover as hath been above said, a certain kind of spirits not so noxious, but most neer to men, so that they are even affected with humane passions, and many of these delight in mans society, and willingly dwell with them: For so fearfull is this kind of spirits, that they are moved, tremble, and are compelled by a feigned terrour, and false and impossible threats.

Martin and Sarah Goodman. Hence some have asserted that the lives, or spirits of wicked men going into the bodies of some men, have disturbed them, and sometimes slew them.