It does not swallow energy like raw MDF. The four-inch Fostex FEEZ is an amazing driver. Not as directive as the bigger siblings, it has marvelous midrange . : Fostex FEEZ ‘Sigma’ – 4″ full range driver with paper cone and ferrite magnet. Fostex FEEZ Sigma Diametermm. Fibre Cone Full Range Features include a unique Hyperbolic Paraboloid shell diaphragm, UDR taniential edge.

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I was not interested gostex the full range aspect of those drivers but only in the specs, which made making small scoops or back-loaded horns possible: Using a critically damped design meaning a box with a larger volume of air than what would be fowtex for a max-flat alignment gave us just enough volume to fit the driver and amplifier in a one cubic foot box and still get in-room extension to 15Hz with no boominess, just ultra fast transients. We are still in business based in Montreal, Canada – and hopefully for a long time to come!

Others are still welcome to give some hints about Vivace and Vflex, if they know anything not described.

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The inside panels and horn path are then sealed and lacquered with polyester-based lacquer. Jekyll fosex to horns and resonant enclosures. Previous topic Next topic. Music became curiously more real and visceral. Thu Jun 11, 3: It was a difficult birth. It would be great to see some “for free” Vivace drawings on the internet, so all the homebrewing people could be able to make a copy. Connectors are Cardas OFC.

So for the same rigidity, it can be made with thinner material. Not as directive as the bigger siblings, it has marvelous midrange, a fotex top end and gives credible fostwx bass, which is kind of spectacular considering the small 2. A few years ago I spent some time running simulations of the design based on my reverse engineering of it from info I found on the Internet.


The speaker is loaded into a very small sub-enclosure less than half a literthe compression chamber. This means that the lighter cone has less inertia so it should be “faster” or easier to move. On paper, it would be much simpler and more effective to stick a Revelator in a box and produce far more bass from a far smaller cabinet. The product core is where we want it to be but the details are still being worked on.

I would expect high distortion. At this time we have three models using similar loading: There was little in the way of precise imaging, soundstaging or any of the standard foshex one expects of a high-end design. So I like horns for their dynamics but I also enjoy sealed and reflex and TL enclosures.


Fostex FE EZ Sigma Fullrange buy at

Inside wiring can be customized in any alloy or alloy combinations. We do not use veneers from endangered wood species. Exotic woods are bred. I also know that there are other avenues.

For instance, all new Concerti v2 will feature leather wrapping inside the horn mouth to kill any HF content that might still be present in the path. So the corporate focus is working with clients once they’ve decided that the sound we offer suits them – to get exactly the right product variations.

I also noted that my driver is mounted on a suspended plate whereas others seem to be mounted directly to the front baffle. The paper material actually banana pulp is so thin that fostfx translucent. The volume is increasing at an almost exponential rate so a small volume of air molecules present in the throat at the beginning of the horn acts on a slightly larger volume and so on until the horn reaches its end: You just might forget fussing over traditional audiophile minutiae and instead re-explore ve108ez existing record collection and perhaps even expand into other music genres.


I guess it’s like concentrated orange juice versus freshly squeezed orange juice. Being able to hear walls and boundaries also became an obsession. I sold him one horn I built. Especially pics of the inside or drawings is welcome here. One at a time. Thu Jun 11, 8: Tanto I guess Tanto’s inside, is the same as Vivace I will start soon Furthermore, I could hear a cupped-hands sort-of-boxy coloration.

The biggest challenge in building the Concerti and all upcoming Gemme Audio products was to find the right people to build it.

I mounted them in a couple of Fostez pipes i’ve got This review confirms that bass response does not get down that far and paints a pretty ugly picture of the response between Hz.

I’m starting to drift here so sorry about the “loss of focus”. I was not interested in building any more of those. If fe10e8z requests a water buffalo wrapped enclosure as someone did ask forwe get dostex maroquinnier on the assignment.

We use the same laboratory as SoundStage for our own anechoic measurements, so I trust the results they will publish. Thanx to Gio and Mr. Since Gemme Audio is a relatively new entry onto the audio scene, the company’s Robert Gaboury provided me with plenty of background material.