Actor Frank Langella’s powers of observation lend the odd brief profiles in “ Dropped Names” substance and richness. Dropped NamesFamous Men and Women As I Knew ThemFrank LangellaHarper: pp., $Frank Langella’s “Dropped Names” is a. The Juiciest Bits From Frank Langella’s Celebrity-Leveling Memoir “Dropped Names”. “All actors are angry babies”: Langella. (Courtesy Getty.

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My father never said a bad word about anyone. May 29, T Fool rated it it was amazing Shelves: I generally am not much of a fan of celebrity memoirs. Granted Frank was in his 70’s when he wrote the book, but he does go out of his way to be kind where others might use the term “has been” instead. Miller didn’t really understand why it was necessary. Most of the entries are matter-of-fact about what it was like for him to work with the person, good or bad or mixedlqngella profiled came to become actual friends of his.


Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them

And yes, I feel guilty for enjoying this book so much! It lived fully up to its billing as advertised recently in USA Today. His chapter about Elizabeth Taylor is painful to read. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jun 19, Harriet rated it really liked it.

‘Dropped Names’ by Frank Langella dishes on fellow actors: Review – latimes

rdopped Langella was invited lagnella many places–he is engaging company and would seem to be a wonderful companion to enjoy passing the time over cocktails or dinner with–with excellent, naughty conversation. As an actor on the stage in both the U. I’d certainly buy that one. Hope he keeps his day job He’s only truly negative a couple of times, often quite sympathetic. Yet odd rdopped it might seem, he seems to have had close if not intimate relationships with everyone on the planet except me!

It doesn’t take a lab technician to detect the high level of testosterone in his summation of a few Hollywood notables:. He elected to only feature the deceased and dedicates a chapter to I generally am not much of a fan of celebrity memoirs.


He must fgank a good actor. He saw her get out of a car. I tried to avoid langeella that and read straight thru, but I did have to jump ahead and read the Roger Vadim section, being a trank fan of a gloriously terrible movie they did together called And God Created Woman A remake of sorts which swapped Bridget Bardot for Rebecca DeMornay.

It’s hilarious, probably not on purpose, although I really can’t tell for sure. His turn of phrase is a delight to read. I am born” for me. Dropped Names is, like its subjects, riveting and unforgettable. Von Trapp for him. His candid stories of the wide array of famous people he has known, both casually and intimately, are fabulous. I know I will. Then pick it up and devour the next one to two to three.

Langella as a bit of a predator himself, as he makes his career elbowing his way through a succession of encounters with big names in and out of show business, from JFK to Elizabeth Taylor.

But in the film Looking for Richardthe star’s exploration of Shakespeare’s Richard III, that’s how he refers to Frank Langella, who originally signed on to play Clarence in lanfella picture but apparently couldn’t take the production’s meandering discussion process for each scene. Best langeloa read one or two, then put the book down and digest them, recall them as you thought you knew them lsngella process.

There are some details about his life, how he started in acting as a theater apprentice, how he eschewed the Actor’s Studio way of acting in favor of Stella Adler, how he met JFK as a young man, his friendships langelka people like Raul Julia, Alan Bates, a few people he didn’t care for, such as Rex Harrison, he tells it like it was.

Two lines come to mind when thinking of this book. The first three anecdotes had me in tears and I was hooked.

All that spaghetti sauce he cooked and donated to charity? Langella is both an avid and capable observer of others in the strange fishbowl world he exists in, and also determined to not fall victim to any of the demons that have laid so many of his compatriots low. If there frabk someone you are particularly interested in, you can flip right to that chapter. I’ve always liked him as an actor but was impressed by him personally after hearing him interviewed by Sam Tanenhaus on the New York Times Book Review podcast.


And I couldn’t put the book down. I had written a lengthy review earlier, lost to a computer “hiccup” at the last minute If you’re expecting to learn more about Labgella himself, you get a feel for who he is, but not a lot about his own off-screen life; however, that may be as he’s careful about respecting others’ privacy.

Glad I listened to this one rather than reading the print version, as the author uses his considerable acting skills to highlight the text.

Through his warm relationship with her family, he met people like John and Jackie Kennedy. As a memoir, thi Frank Langella as an actor is one of those guys who doesn’t go in for a lot of rigmarole; he just does the job.

Review: ‘Dropped Names’ by Frank Langella dishes on fellow actors

Langella gives a well written, insightful and sensitive voice to some great stories he shared with other famous people. He rarely gives enough details in any story to make it interesting and uses much of it to look down upon names much bigger than frnk.

He’ll lock horns with any order of big game, even if they don’t have horns to lock. He dated her 10 years before her death. Books by Frank Langella.

Like when you are in the dentists office or in the waiting room for your colonoscopy. Throughout the 50 years or so chronicled in this book, we frajk Mr. Apr 02, Vanessa rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 14, Sylvia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He also seems to like nwmes kiss people on the head. He is downright mean at times. As he tells about his impressions of these people, he also manages to tell you a lot about his own life story but in a more entertaining way than a straight biography.