Buy Gefran PID Temperature Controller, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 3 Output Relay, Also featuring soft start as well as an auto and manual function, the . View and Download Gefran user manual online. SINGLE DISPLAY TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER WITH UNIVERSAL INPUT. Temperature Controller. Gefran Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Gefran User Manual .

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The warranty excludes defects caused. Fix the device with the bracket provided before making any electrical connections. This provides majual very low secondary current, suitable for an electronic measurement circuit.

RTD type scale configurable within indicated. Model can have an auxiliary input for a 50mAac current transformer to monitor the load current.

For the order code refer to Section 14 “Accessories”. All the programming procedures of the instruments are facilitaded by the grouping of the parameters in function blocks CFG for the control parameters, Inp for the inputs, Out for the outputs, etc. In case of double action heating or coolingparameters for the opposite action are calculated by manuall the initial ratio between parameters mabual S Position of decimal point for main input scale 0 Lo.

Single display controller – Gefran

RTD 3 wires 16 17 Max. It Integral cooling time 0, Don’t show me this message again. When finished, the Stun code is automatically gefraan. OUT3 dans l’outil Do not clean the case with hydrocarbon-based solvents Petrol, Trichlorethylene, etc. This site uses cookies profiling third party to send you advertising in line with your preferences. A in InP for Hb.


Gefran 400 User Manual

Gsfran main input for the process variable is universal and provides the possibility to connect many types of input sensor:. To return to normal functioning, press key F for 5 secs.

Maintains PV display; can be excluded.

The calculated parameters are saved. Electrical Interface All connection terminals power supply, inputs, outputs, options are grouped together on the back of the instrument. The RS interface for configuration from PC is supplied along with the programming software. It will be similar gefrwn that in the figure: Select the type of functioning and the assigned control output by means of code Hb. Default Custom 0 aI.


L Lower limit for local setpoint and absolute alarms Lo. Installation with Panel Fixing in Section 2.

These keys are used for any operation that requires a numerical parameter to be raised or lowered. Page of 13 Go. To connect the relay outputs contactors, solenoid valves, gefrsn, fans, etc. Default Custom 22 tr 0 tyP Type of sensor, signal and main input scale 0 dP.

To semplify the configuration even further, a programming kit is available for PC, which includes a menu driven configuration program for Windows and the necessary cable to connect the instrument see technical data gefrwn. These details must always be kept close at hand and referred to the personnel involved in the event of help from Gefran Customer Service Assistance. New Product View Product Index. It signals variations of load absorption by discriminating the level of current at the transformer input in the range One switch may control more than one controller.


It does not engage if the oscillations drop below 1. The controller supplies maximum power until an intermediate value between starting value and setpoint is reached, after which it zeros power.


Panel mounting, extractable from front. In this casethe Stu code is not cancelled. CtrL 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Default Custom tr 22 Type of control [ Activation at power-on S. The variable for example, temperature must be that assumed at zero power room temperature. To simplify the configuration even further, a programming kit is available for PC, which includes a menu driven configuration program for Windows and the necessary cable to connect the instrument see technical data code WINSTRUM.

When the electronic instrument power supply is strongly disturbed by the commutation of transistor or power units or motors, an isolation transformer should be used for the controllers only, earthing the screen.

This will allow the controller to be put into service more quickly and will avoid certain problems which may mistakenly be interpreted as malfunctions or limitations of the controller. In the proximity of high frequency generators or arc welders, use adequate mains filters. Deviation indicator On if deviation is between 0.

PID parameters are calculated by measuring overshoot and the Process time needed to reach peak.