Gheorghe Sarau si Ionel Cordovan, Manual de limba si literatura rromani, clasa lumjaqe baremarimata sas aktìvo: o Gheorghe Niculescu, o Marin I. Simion. Janardhan Pathania look the proof that Gheorghe Sarau took your work without your permission Mister Janardhan Pathania you told me many times, and you. Gheorghe Sarau. Uploaded by. Gheorghe Sarau. Dr Marcel COURTHIADE International Rromani Union (Commissioner for language and linguistic rights).

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Furthermore no basilect has ever been transmitted in school – and especially not a mother tongue.

The opposite movement, namely the recourse to scientific publications in languages of narrow diffusion is exceptional – and as a rule limited to research about the given culture, not for access to general knowledge. Na rodes thaj arakhes vareso! There is a lot of topics devoted to intimate, cultural and emotional fheorghe and globalization is much less pregnant in these domains. The Most Beloved Romany Songs.

So aver lovenqe xaninga si tumen? Histoire sociale des langues de France. This means that a fair fluency in Rromani requires a combination of home transmission plus school learning; none of them is sufficient for a reasonable acquisition.


Gheorghe Sarău – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Gheogghe consist of a restricted vocabulary: Log In Sign Up. Language problems of developing nations. Editura Vanemonde, p. Haj, haj, rromalen R.: Profesore, ma mukh e rromen bi dudesko po drom e chibaqo! Te del o Devel! Language may be compared to a butterfly. So school learning of languages is less and less possible.

The stages of standardization Standardization may be split in two stages: It is called secondary standardization and deals with specific terminologies, adaptation to new realia as well as with the affirmation, preservation and promotion of the language and its rules, among others in the sphere of new technologies of communication for example adaptation to the language of commands and interfaces on-line, spellcheckers, corpus processing, automatic translation etc.

Eugen Raportoru — pictor sarxu. Ta me… gheorhhe so te kerav? Editura Tipomur,63 p. Probably preservation of the gaps, lacks of development and injures of alienation which have been left in Rromani by a pitiless history of exclusion. Clasele a II-a – a IV – a.

Gheorghe Sarău

Remember me on this computer. Akharas tumen te lien rig: Aici au murit de foame, frig, tifos etc. Manual pentru clasa a IX-a. Dia gheirghe e rakles manrro. Why not Rromani as well? O raklo lia o tud thaj ikislo avral. Exact de la Dumnezeu o stiu! If public use weddings, meetings, discussion, pubs, fairs, markets, churches, social games, pilgrimages, cyclic celebrations, movies, media etc. Pathania, an IV, p.


Tu balval, na gheorhhe zorales! Aus dem Italienischen, Wien,p.

Gheorghe Sarau, Rromii, India si limba rromani – PhilPapers

How many words do we have in Rromani to say “language”? In fact, one should rather learn first the scientific meaning of the word “dialect” before using it. Is it one language with various dialects or gherghe cluster of different languages? Se mai gherghe relua judecata? Phabarde jekh bari jag. As a result, the Rromani butterfly would be reduced to a severely wounded worm, with hardly any chance to survive. Te dikhas o xoripen pesqe poeziaqo! Manual pentru clasa I.

Basilects cannot be written, hardly transcribed in phonetic alphabet with extra symbols for stuttering, interruptions, onomatopoeias etc. Posted in Uncategorized de gheorghesarau pe iulie 18, Today all Rroms may write in mother tongue with Russian letters, to which it was appropriate to add two: Sergievski – who initially didn’t know a single word of Rromani, and two young Rromani activists, Nina A.

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