I bought this book because of what Ive read from reviews Im glad I did! Heisig teaches you the drawing of Japanese Kanji in a “real world” atmosphere. James W. Heisig – Remembering the Kanji 1. In the book these kanji are taught using stories. These kanji are learned the fastest if you read the book as well. Remembering the Kanji 1: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese Characters. James W. Heisig. About the Book.

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When in Rome i. A kanji’s written form and its keyword are associated by imagining a scene or story connecting the meaning of the given kanji with the meanings of all the primitives used to write that kanji. However, for those who are going kaji be outside that range — people who, for example, would take two years or more to get through the book, it is a questionable exercise.

Conclusion I kani love to see someone completely rework this system, and perhaps choose better keywords, and address some of the other problems I mentioned above.

In the short term, you remember the Kanji using stories. June 13, at 4: The keywords chosen for kanji are frequently very poor choices IMO.

Remembering the Kanji and Remembering the Hanzi – Wikipedia

The preface of the book sounds promising and so does your article which also points out the shortcomings and proposes method to learn with it. Mr Heisig rememmbering it ‘turkey’, I’d rather call it the Japanese way. Tthe talking about fully-fleshed out methods, from start to finish. After 5 years, I don’t even think they have reached yet.


November 12, at Language is a system of four subsystems: February 15, at 6: This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat This entry was posted in Resources.

Can you please point out what “nasty” words I used? As a Japanese Japanese language student living in Japan, you learn a couple of hundred Kanji in the first year, a couple of hundred the second year, etc Kids take a long time because they’re well, kids.

September 14, at It takes some Japanese knowledge to use, which is its main caveat.

Review: Remembering the Kanji, volume 1, by James W Heisig

In several cases, the English keywords themselves are obscure, and I have to look them up in a dictionary. It was first published inwith the sixth edition of the book released in You can absolutely learn the kanji using Heisig, without even knowing any other Japanese first; the website All Japanese All The Time actually recommends it as the first step in learning Japanese, before even learning kana.

You can contact me from the website.

Smile at kanji, they will smile at you. Take me, for example. And even most RTK alumni end up plowing through the same books to learn readings and vocab.

Review: Remembering the Kanji, volume 1, by James W Heisig |

Shouldn’t you actually finish RTK, or whatever the method is that you came up with, before you deem it a better method? I am half-way through the second volume and I am loving it.

For each Chinese reading of a kanji, an example compound word is given. I’m pretty sure that’s his own creation. It starts with the largest groups of such characters, and ends with the smallest groups.


Why do I still recommend this book, then you may ask? When Rememberibg tried learning Kanji through grades the kanji lacked meaning, sometimes, because primitives weren’t heiisig introduced first.

Kanji in Context sounds good, but it appears to be hard to get a hold of: Kanji Kentei – although it’s just a supplement to the traditional Japanese school methods. In fact, the phonetic markers are unhelpful or useless for a large portion: The next chapter is probably the most helpful in the book: Proudly powered by WordPress.

Kannji any case, nearly every time this challenge is issued, someone steps forward as a counter-example. Rememberimg the way, look carefully: Websites are probably best, because you can take advantage of browser plugins that allow instantaneous lookup of vocabulary and kanji though of course that can also become a crutch.

First, a significant portion of your energy in reviewing and associating the characters with keywords, is that many of the keywords are confusingly similar.

“Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji sucks” – Other Kanji Learning Methods?

All the kanji are analysed by components—Heisig terms these “primitives”—which may be traditional radicalsother kanji themselves, or a collection of strokes rememberiny normally identified as independent entities. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

Just stick the sentences in anki and review them daily, same as RTK.