Khartala, ; Françoise Bretout: Mogho Naba Wobgho: La résistance du royaume mossi de Ouagadougou., ; Michel Izard: Le Yatenga précolonial: Un. Histoire des royaumes et chefferies au Burkina Faso précolonial, Ouagadougou, DIST/CNRST, ; Michel Izard, Introduction à l’histoire des royaumes mossi. Author: Jeanne-Marie Kambou-Ferrand. Edition/Format: Article: French. Publication: Burkina Faso, cents ans d’histoire: actes du premier colloque international.

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He initially believed she was a man but one day she revealed that she was a woman and the two married.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Kingdom of Yatenga became a key power attacking the Songhai Empire between and taking over Timbuktu and sacked the important trading post of Macina. They had a son, named Ouedraogo male horse, or stallion royaaume, who is the common ancestor of the whole Moaga people. Le Mogho Naba actuel est: L’un d’eux, Zoungrana, fut son successeur. Si quelqu’un n’y parvient pas, Dieu le veut. An extract PDF format: De nombreux engagements suivirent.

Il porta surtout ses armes vers le Sud. When the French and British agreed on the boundary between their colonies, Wobgo lost his main support system and retired with a British pension in Zongoiri in the Gold Coast mosssi he died in The Roywume of Negro History. In addition, although they had initially resisted Islamic imposition and retained independence from the main Islamic states of West Africa, there began to be a sizable number of Muslims living in the kingdom.

Samory s’abstint donc de toute attaque contre le pays mossi. Centralization of the political and military powers of the kingdoms begin in the 13th century and led to conflicts between the Mossi kingdoms and many of the other powerful states in royuame region.


On lui lia le poignet droit au cou et on le fit escorter par deux fantassins et deux cavaliers. In Claessen, Henri J.

Les cicatrices distinctives du peuple mossi datent de Naba Oubri. Konlil Wobgo commit de graves infractions contre les coutumes. However, there histoirr as many as 19 additional lesser Mossi histojre which retained connection to one of the four main kingdoms.

He finds a well organized kingdom, a king whose polocy is much less naive than what is usually believed about Africa in that time This story is available in French on the French National Libray BNF site PDF, but as it is a fac simile it’s heavy and takes time to download.

On simula un cadavre.

Mossi Kingdoms – Wikipedia

Beyond ud actual historical role, he became a symbol for many Africans. Many books are already available in French. Naba Lamsinga avait deux passions: Binger travelled from Dakar to the Ivory Coast at the end of the 19 th century. The king participated in two great festivals, one focused on the genealogy of the royal lineage in order to increase their naam and another of sacrifices to tenga.

Thomas Sankara is probably the most famous Burkinabe figure. The oldest was Diaba Lompo who founded the city of Fada N’gourma.

Cette devise constituait une manifestation de foi musulmane pour tous ceux qui n’approuvaient pas la conversion de Nabe Doulougou. However, because of their connection to the area they do have tenga which allows them to decide over issues related to land.


It’s size is 3M! Cette expression donna son nom au chef-lieu de cercle actuel. La seconde doit indiquer le programme d’action fu nouveau chef et constitue souvent, dans la pratique, un discret avertissement pour ses adversaires. The origins of the Mossi state are claimed by one prominent oral tradition to come from when a Mamprusi princess left the city of Gambaga because of a dispute with her father.

On rapporte que le vieux tengsoba disait: When Askia Mohammad I became the leader of the Songhai Empire with the desire to spread Islamhe waged a holy war against the Mossi kingdoms in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, bythe British sent an explorer into the area who convinced the leaders to sign a treaty of protection.

Historian will make the difference between the man and the myth. Le konda est un arbre qui fournit une teinture jaune. Naba Lamsinga mourut moswi lendemain des suites de cette consommation. This system of taking over territory and appointing sons as Dimas would last for many of the future rulers.

Each kingdom had similar domestic structures with kings, ministers, and other officials and a high degree of centralization of administrative functions.