Julien Benda’s classic study of s Europe resonates today. The “treason of the intellectuals” is a phrase that evokes much but is inherently ambiguous. In , the French essayist Julien Benda published his famous attack on the intellectual corruption of the age, La Trahison des clercs. I said “famous,” but. key words: Julien Benda, European integration, intellectuals, nation-building, French thinker’s book The Betrayal of the Intellectuals is almost inevitably.

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The Treason of the Intellectuals.

He criticizes European intellectuals for allowing political commitment to insinuate itself into their understanding of the ebtrayal vocation, ushering the world into “the age of the intellectual organization of political hatreds.

The predictions in the work became reality in the most devestating ways holocaustbut perhaps the scary part is that is still infellectuals relevant to contemporary issues faced today. Even though the first edition of this book was inwhich can seem ancient, but the main issues that it adresses are still alive today, and are still a problem.

Here again, the anthropological imperative has played a major role. The process of disintegration has lately become an explicit attack on culture. This translation is still in print from Norton. If this book is reported as a work of a ‘clerc’, then it is a failure. The English translation, The Treason of the Intellectuals1 sums it up neatly.


What Finkielkraut has understood with admirable clarity is that modern attacks on elitism represent not the extension but the destruction of culture.

He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times [1] and one time for the Goncourt Prize. Retrieved from ” https: If this intellectusls the case, then Spinoza, a clerc which the author to be a shining example, would be a failure under interpretation of post-modern religion.

The Treason of the Intellectuals by Julien Benda

Julien Benda – – Norton. Re-entering that magical or, I recalled this piece by Julien Benda. Such ideals have not fared well in the twentieth century: Nor did he believe that intellectuals, as citizens, necessarily should abstain from political commitment or practical affairs.

Radu rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Return to Book Page.

The treason of the intellectuals & “The Undoing of Thought”

Bennda which mixed marriages are forbidden and polygamy encouraged? According to Benda I should receive no mercy: According to Benda, this all began to change in the early twentieth century.

The problem here is that it is claimed reasonable to place blame on the intellectual for their social interpretation regardless of their goal. Jan 12, Constantin C.

The Betrayal of the Intellectuals

Julien Benda 26 December — 7 June was a French philosopher and novelist. In the broadest terms, The Undoing of Thought is a brief for the principles of the Enlightenment. Instead he resorts to rants about interested others.


Who is going to think outside the box, and want betrzyal moral and Even though the first edition of this book was inwhich can seem ancient, but the main issues that it adresses are still alive today, and genda still a problem.

Who – if not intellectuals? Representations and Organization in the Thought Reform Campaign. The book bearing this title is well known but little understood. Popular passages Page xviii – A generalized tolerance will be best achieved if we leave undisturbed whatever it is which constitutes the special character of particular individuals and peoples, whilst at the intellectals time we retain the conviction that the distinctive worth of anything with true merit lies in its belonging to all humanity.

The treason of the intellectuals & “The Undoing of Thought” | The New Criterion

This is the undoing of thought. The “treason” of which Benda writes is the betrayal by the intellectuals of their unique vocation.

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