Initially, Kasravi enrolled in a seminary. Later Born in Hokmabad (Hohmavar), Tabriz, Iran, Kasravi was an Iranian Azari. Initially احمد کسروی’s books. Azari, or the Ancient Language of Azarbayegan. By: Kasravi, Ahmad. Price: $ Publisher: Bethesda, Maryland, Ibex Publishers: , Edition:?. Kasravi’s writings may be treated in four phases. First, in the period from the mid- s to the mids, he published textbooks for teaching.

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Retrieved from ” https: A protest against mismanagement and famine and the sale by the Qajars of mining and trading concessions to shady City of London interests changed on the streets of Tabriz and Tehran into a full-blown movement for liberty and the rule of law. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While still a seminary student in Tabriz, his home town, he came into contact with militants of the constitutionalist movement.

While Abdolhossein Teymourtash was a strong supporter of his works, Mohammad Ali Foroughi is said to have taken strong exception to his literary theories and banned him from contributing to the Farhangestan or to continue publishing. He there thwarted the power of the mullahs, who, despite the establishment of a constitutional government in the country, still controlled the judicial system of the town.

KASRAVI, AḤMAD i. LIFE AND WORK – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Tarikh-e Sale-ye Khouzestan. In his writings, Kasravi demeaned several of the imams and Fatemeh, the daughter of the Prophet and Ali’s wife. All works in Western languages and works in Persian published after are prepared by EIr.


His detailed account of the Constitutional Revolution still stands out as one of the most important sources on the events, even though Kasravi was a teenager at the time of the revolution and cannot claim the full authority of a contemporary witness that his writing at times suggests.

Clerical errors

Kasravi repudiated the axiomatic theoretical basis of Shi’ism. After a while, he did no more than officiate at religious marriages, and he refrained from performing the other duties of his position.

For Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, declared the 10th president of the Islamic republic in what even his supporters hail as a “miracle”, history ended on 1 Februarywhen Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned from exile in Paris to inaugurate the new revolutionary government. Iran was ignorant of these changes and did not benefit from them at kawravi. English Choose a language for shopping.

Encyclopædia Iranica

He rejects all argument from authority dalil-e naqliwithout which no revealed religion can stand. Mugrdechian, Barlow Der Nasafi d. The language used by Kasravi at this time in his articles explicitly violates the usual norms of the Persian language, ksaravi syntactically and lexically idem,pp. Is there an ultimate use for historians? Of the History, Siegel has translated the first third, and plans to complete volumes two and three this year.

Amir Kabir’s edition is in one volume, pages. This was chiefly because the world had changed and countries bookw stirred, but Iran remained in the same state in which it had been.

Persian Fiction in Translation Bibliotheca Iranica: Provide feedback about this page. His discourse had become anti-Shi’a. The Russian soldiers in Azerbaijan switched sides and after six years of occupation and terror displayed a change of heart toward the local fighters idem,p.


Meanwhile, the national army had turned toward Khuzestan kasrav was reconquering, town by town, this highly coveted province. Thank you for your patience. Kasravi and his staff took part in the capture of the city of Dezful q. Azerbaijan became a theater of operations. One wonders if Khomeini’s successor as regent or leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as he looked down on Ahmadinejad kneeling in the front row at Friday prayers at Tehran University on 19 June, had the leisure to reflect: A bloody war broke out between the adherents and the detractors of the movement, turning the town into a bookss.

Between Tradition and ModernityLexington Booskp. Booka view has it that Iran, in cutting itself off from the mainstream of world affairs, has squandered its God-given wealth and condemned itself to insignificance or ridicule.

Get to Know Us. He also observed that those same Muslims refrained from certain acts which he believed were incumbent upon any pious believer. All these events had a happy outcome for Kasravi, for he would be freed from the onerous position of mullah idem,pp. One of the consequences of his departure and the Allied occupation of the country bookz the emergence of several political parties.

Though sympathetic in the History to the courageous divines ofKasravi became more and more bitterly anti-clerical.