“A magnificent novel.”—Washington Post “A dramatic, utterly engrossing novel harsh and brutal in its revelations James Clavell is a spellbinding storyteller. King Rat by James Clavell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. It should be noted that this was James Clavell’s first book. It was also the first book (though not chronologically) in a series he wrote which.

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Review of James Clavell’s King Rat | BakerstoneBroadcast

Only one man in fifteen had the strength, the luck, and the cleverness simply to survive Changi. I don’t want to forget the horror of war simply because people are resilient enough to survive it. And if someone prefers more concise review, please, here it is. It’s a fantastic character study written in such a flat, Hemingwayesque prose that it cracked me up for being so alike sometimes.

A group of officers who stole money from their underlings are later seen greedily enjoying a meal of “Rusa tikus” not knowing they are actually eating rat meat. The men are courageous, brave, and have the greatest survival instincts. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read this novel. My, how innocent I was. Dipped his hand in there until he rrat lost an arm?

I suppose the King is a figure of rugged, predatory individualism, traits that are praised in theory but become bad characteristics when the tables get turned and the prey feels empowered. Email required Address never made public. The King was a fairly obvious one to me.


Review of James Clavell’s King Rat

Clavell was a prisoner in the Changi POW camp that this book centers around. His comrades, though nearly starving themselves, are repulsed at the idea of eating rat meat, so the King comes up with the brilliant plan of only selling the meat to officers without telling them the true source. He asks Marlowe if he wants to go with him the next time he goes, and Marlowe says yes. A few days later the men are still under hut arrest, and Mac hears that the Japanese have surrendered.

Then there was only death. The Best Books of Wonderful review, as always, Rachel. After finishing Clavell’s Shogun earlier this month I immediately turned to Wikipedia to read more about the author.

I had no idea about such things in the s.

Grey and Captain Yoshima come and search the American Hut — Yoshima for a radio, Grey for the diamond — but neither find what they clxvell looking for.

Uner rated it it was amazing Shelves: The novels that can successfully juxtapose philosophical questioning and ” pulp ” overkill. While the King and his operations are in the center ring throughout this compact book, there are several sideshow plot arcs which illustrate the horror of an imprisoned society of men forced to compete for few resources.

Clothes have rotted away and sarongs and rags are all that’s available so eat is made known only by arm bands and a slight difference in living huts. This is prominent throughout the novel, and becomes more complex as morality is thrown into the mix and Clavell begins to ask if the sacrifice of morality is really worth it in order to survive. Will the people he love before remain ,ing his heart and he in theirs?


And is pretty damn well written. The title character is an American with a true gift for survival in the underground economy of the camp, and the book raises many questions about what the most ethical road is to take in an impossible moral situation.

I can’t recommend a reread. KING RAT was my first Clavell novel and it was a fantastic experience, both in public transportation posturing and in transcendent reading. He tells them about meeting the King. It’s the most unexpected aspect of this work I found. It seems Clavell asks what kind of person would you be?

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King Rat Summary & Study Guide

In the same way he asks how we would survive, what are the options we would choose, Clavell also asks as to the kind of person we are. Just very eye opening to the deplorable conditions that prisoners lived in in that era. The man called the King is a clever, smart, young American who takes advantage of clavepl.