Hi All, I have been looking for an answer on the forum but not found any so: I wonder, what is the default behaviour/capabilities of the korg. To all you Korg Padkontrol owners on Linux, I finally figured out how to talk to the padkontrol, get it into native mode, and get it to spit sysex all. When the PadKontrol is placed in native mode, the user has control over every button and light on the unit (including the LED.

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What functions do they represent? From what i understand i need an application that’s not free to convert the useless commands into midi data One thing I didn’t realize – and it’s something I overlooked This mode sets the pK up where the state of the lights and display can be controlled with sysex commands. I’ll post another version sometime that does more stuff. Wed Apr 05, If that didn’t happen, then you either didn’t set the pK’s port correctly as shown below in the pic, or your pK’s global MIDI channel isn’t set to channel 1.

But will it convert the SysEx outputs from the korg into midi for traktor? However, noe of them follow the Farmpad route of allowing you to program your own ideas into it at least that’s my understanding of Farmpad, having never used it korrg also check the Korg forum.

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This is exactly what I was looking for, a way to do monome type stuff on the padkontrol. All times are GMT Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript.


So, for example, if you want to turn on the top right pad lamp, feed the “On 4” button with a D-2 “note on” message on MIDI channel 4. Fri Mar 09, 1: Wed May 14, 1: I can assume this is the thread for pK light show inquiries.

Korg PadKontrol

Thu Feb 15, 9: Tue Sep 05, 3: Mon Dec 31, 5: Padkontroll users with topic management privileges can see it. The endless encoder under the LCD?

Here’s a good description of Native Mode for the PK. Native Mode wise, there is: None of the other buttons send data.

Tue Dec 02, 2: Sun Feb 25, 1: All the best Richard www. In native mode the pads will output 1 thru 16 on midi channel 10 AND output sysex messages too, both ways are shown in the patch.

Korg Forums :: View topic – PadKontrol – How to use Native Mode (SysEx)

Thu Dec 04, 7: Last edited by DvlsAdvct; at I can’t blame its author, Flycycle, who made a great work programming and giving freely this powerful app. Loading Categories Disabled Categories are greyed out This topic will be moved to the category.

Where can I find the documentation?

Display posts from previous: Superchibsien – I don’t think there is anything similar. Results 1 to 10 of These will be handy for anyone that wants to work with the pK lamps in native mode pqdkontrol you don’t have to mess with the sysex messaging, it’s done for you.

Sun Nov 30, 7: I am getting a PK soon jode this stuff does work. Thu Jun 10, 7: Korg padKontrol Native Mode Tools.


The 16 buttons respond to the 16 MIDI channels, from top left to bottom right. Sun Jan 20, 2: I can only blame destiny not having put a PC guy on the padkontrol way, that would have the same talent and creativity as Flycycle, or just a PC guy that would be able to port farmpad to windows OS The attached patch will get you in and out of native mode and has a bunch of subpatches to test and debug things. Is there more to it than that? Music helps not the toothache.

Logic Pro Help

To make it easy to use in your own construction, the buttons can receive and be triggered by notes: All lamps light up. Thu Jan 17, 3: Farmpad allows the user to freely re-configure the padkontrol in any way.

I am hoping to use Bome translator to communicate it as I already use Bome to extensively control the functionality of Abelton Live. What are the capabilities of PadKontrol with ableton Live 7? I was looking at the option of using it’s native mode as a step sequencer with ,org scene and buttons corresponding with each sample. The initialize command sets up the midi channel on 10 which is the default when it’s out of native mode as well.