Title, La Epopeya del Morro Volume 10 of La Literatura Peruana · [La literatura peruana. año 1. vol. ] Author, José Santos Chocano. Publisher, Imprenta y. Get this from a library! La epopeya del Morro: poema americano. [José Santos Chocano]. La epopeya del Morro: (Poema americano) by José Santos Chocano · La epopeya del Morro: (Poema americano). by José Santos Chocano. Print book.

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Battle of Arica

They abused their numbers, playing with their corvos and bayonets; they were as blind as raging bulls; I have no words Centro de Estudios Bicentenario. Details Collect From After consulting his officers on his decision, Bolognesi finally responded: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Born in Lima, Peru, Chocano was admitted to the National University of San Marcos at the early age of 14 years [1] After a short term in jail for political activism, he relocated to Madrid in the early 20th century. Unfortunately, as Elmore left the building, Chocano arrived at it, and after Elmore slapped Chocano, the latter pulled a gun and shot the young journalist in the stomach. Here, by way of contradiction, lie the remains of each one of these incognito characters from our history, from whom we can epoeya many new things in order to be able to have a better view of the country and to improve the situation for our future generations.

However, this decision or project had to be thrown away because it involved destroying the house of Francisco Bolognesi! Finally the southern group, led by Juan Guillermo Moore, had eight cannons 6 Voruz, 1 Pairot and 1 Vavasseuradding up a total of nineteen cannons.

You will also find a golden statue of the face of the hero Francisco Bolognesi.


An interesting fact that I can share is that the hero Francisco Bolognesi was baptized in the San Sebastian church, a church that is still standing and where not only he was baptized, but also lots of other characters deo Peruvian history. Archived from the original on 10 October After this battle, the Chilean forces marched morgo the Sama River valley. After the defeat in Tacna, the Arica Peruvian garrison lost communication with the army in retreat.

Erasmus students in Lima View all Erasmus in Lima. The enemy must be surprised and forced to surrender before the powerful mines at the Cape explode After suffering heavy losses at the battle at Tacna, the Chilean command realized morrk need of a port in the area to resupply the troops and to evacuate the wounded.

La Epopeya del Morro – José Santos Chocano – Google Books

This museum pays homage to each one of the brave Peruvians who sacrificed their lives in honour of their homeland in a war known as the Pacific War where Peru and Bolivia fought Chile. East, North and South. Install “View on Flickriver” script. In the museum you will find a photograph of that, which by the way I also advise peopeya the cemetery that was one of the first in Lima and where you can see some very beautiful sculptures, eel well as lots of important people in Peruvian history who are buried there.

To learn more about how to request items watch this short online video. This positioning prevented the Peruvians from reinforcing lx garrison at Arica or communicating the order to leave the port. After Tacna, Montero had decided to withdraw the forces guarding Arica, knowing that the port was already lost.

The museum is without a doubt one of the main expositions of the epopeyw of Peru, enabling us to understand all of the work that made the great defenders of our country protect its ideals at the cost of their own lives.


I admit that reading this type of phrase evokes a lot of feeling and the bravery from Francisco Bolognesi, undoubtedly somebody worth of being considered a national hero of Peru.

On the other hand, there are lots of parts of the house that have started to be restored bit by bit to be able to house each of the relics that are found here. Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: Since the Morro de Arica was the last bulwark of defense for the allied troops standing in the city, the city was quickly captured. Retrieved from ” https: After Tacna, the Chilean army kept its position at the outskirts of the city for a few days.

Visiting the Combatants of the Morro of Arica Museum. History is for us to see and understand. Francisco Bolognesi is a well-known character in Peruvian history.

The 3rd Line Regiment ran to the fort and took it in hand-to-hand combat.

croquis del libro la epopeya del morro, de la CPHEP año – a photo on Flickriver

Released after two years in jail, Chocano moved to Santiago de Chile, where he lived in dire poverty while preparing a new collection of poetry, Primicias de Oro de Indias. Chocano interacted with major Spanish poets, as well as statesmen from many different regimes, where he was treated as a poet laureate.

The need for a port near to the location of the army, in order to supply and reinforce the troops and evacuate wounded, made the Chilean command put its attention on the remaining Peruvian stronghold in the Tacna Department.