Editorial Reviews. Review. “[Mani and Roumeli are] two of the 20th Centuries most celebrated travel books” — Independent on Sunday From the Mani. Buy Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese by Patrick Leigh Fermor (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. This is Patrick Leigh Fermor’s spellbinding part-travelogue, part inspired evocation of a part of Greece’s past. Joining him in the Mani, one of Europe’s wildest.

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The views of the bay below, however, were becoming more and more magnificent. His last bit of information was that, in the old days that wonderful cupboard!

The help never came and the ambitious scheme faded away. This is certainly understandable, given both his personal experience peloponnesee the influential trends in British historiography of the mid th century on Greece, particularly regarding the Byzantine heritage.

Dec 27, Peloponnnese rated it it was ok Shelves: For most of his journeying life particularly in Greecehe was a serial dweller, inhabiting the paths, fields, streams, seashores, villages, and cities that he encountered like a native.

Mani is sometimes listed as a companion volume to Leigh Fermor’s book Roumeli: This book is schizophrenic; it rather depends on you whether you’ll find it enjoyable or not.

On the trail of Patrick Leigh Fermor in Greece

But by this skuthern he speaks Greek fluently and knows a ton of Greece’s history, so he’s telling us about the place–in the other books it was his hosts and companions who told him, and us, about where he had been and where he was going. It was translated into Greek by future prime minister Tzannis Tzannetakis while in internal exile imposed by the Greek military junta. Oct 24, Yannis rated it it was amazing.

Apr 09, Nick Pengelley maani it it was amazing. This article about a travel book is a stub. That chapter alone probably would have swollen the page count to overand I for one regret its absence.

Souhern times though, he was overwhelmed by the depth of his knowledge and launched into fascinating digressions on politics, ikons, demons, or cats. The Maniots are isolated, in a sense provincial, and fiercely independent.

He tried to give me directions to the church, but it got so confusing that I just pretended to understand and resolved to ask along the way. From ancient Greeks to Byzantine despotates, next to Turkish invasion, modern independence, language, food The old Maniati culture is gone.


I could see the youths lazing on the harbour wall again, tired by their long swim. To my money he was on more often in travelx than in any of the Time of Gifts trilogy, where his tendency to spend two pages describing the features of Gothic churches occasionally threatened to drive me insane. His head is stocked with enough cultural lore and poetic fancy to make every league an adventure.


May 17, Julie rated it really liked it. No wonder that in the s most of the younger people abandoned it for places not as badly infested with saltwater ghouls and blood-sucking phantoms — Melbourne traels Tottenham were particularly popular.

The old man shook his head. He was a young man when he explored this part of Greece, but he wrote about it with the wisdom and perspective of an older man. In one of the more innocuous cases, the abovementioned historiography, the cumulative result was the creation of a Greek race that had never really existed, and whose achievements were as exaggerated as was their suffering.

The chapter on icons alone is one of the best detailing of the subject I’ve ever read.

Whatever would not fit into the narrative or the digressions, he wistfully deferred to a later book. Dec 16, Spiros rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Apr 28, Stuart rated it it was amazing.

From the title at least, Mani can be construed as somewhat false nani. His prose might read as a bit ornate today, but that’s why you really need to give yourself a peaceful stretch Patrick Leigh Fermor is one of the great travel writers and in my opinion this is his best book, though A Time of Gifts is still an important book for me, having inspired me to travel when I was younger I’m still going today!

There was a writer peloponhese Robert.

On the trail of Patrick Leigh Fermor in Greece | Travel | The Guardian

He barely mentions his traveling companion, Joan, except as part of the “we”, but their travels through the sparse and enigmatic Mani area of the Pelopenese peninsula reveal a still-ancient world in the modern Greece of the s. I’d first heard of Kardamyli because of Leigh Fermor, who had made the place his home. They begin near Kalamataand then proceed south along the Mani coastline mostly by boat or caiqueending the book in the town of Gytheon.


Without thinking, I found myself heading for the island pelpoonnese Meropi, the one that those youths had swum to. From the Iron Gates to Mount Athos.

Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese – Balkanalysis

John Murray 28 Oct. Duff Cooper Prize When Leigh Fermor came to the Mani he did some impressive wild swimming. Leigh Fermor, accompanied by his wife Joan, spent three summer weeks Patrick Leigh Fermor had meant this book ttravels be but “one chapter among many, each of them describing the stages and halts, the encounters, the background and the conclusions of a leisurely journey – a kind of recapitulation of many former journeys – through continental Greece and the islands.

Not Patrick Leigh Fermor’s best book, but interesting for a glimpse into prelapsarian Greece, especially the mountainous, remote part where most of these musings, journeys, and explorations take place. The long passages about the southefn of icon painting are an exciting addition to the travelss stories and historical anecdotes.

His prose might read as a bit ornate today, but that’s why you really need to travsls yourself a peaceful stretch of time to absorb it and luxuriate in its elegant prose. Like to hear a guy talk about the layers of cultural history here like he’s lived through it all?

I headed through the ruined village, as instructed, and found a narrow steep path rising up the hillside. Still, like all of Leigh Fermor’s books which I’ve read, once they are over I wish to experience more.

Fotis’s face underwent a transformation.

I suspect that this isn’t a book for everyone, but anyone who has the patience to read it cover to cover, digressions and all including footnoteswill be glad that he or she did and feel the richer for having done it. And if any foreigner had the right to speak about the glories of Hellenism and its objective worth, it would be Fermor, who literally risked his life to free the Greeks from Nazi Germany.

That was where I had just been walking, only higher. Kindle Edition File Size: Balkanalysis on Amazon Kindle.